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Sound Episode Summaries

Sound Episode 3-7:
English Title: The Third Reason
Sound Episode 0.515:
English Title: The Uninvited Prince
Japanese: Manekarezaru Ouji
This episode tells the story of Suzaku and Lelouch's childhood together. Lelouch has just recently arrived from Britannia, and he isn't acclimating very well to his new life in Japan.
Sound Episode 0.521:
English Title: Nunnally Vanished
Japanese: Kieta Nanara
In this episode Nunnally vanishes, and Suzaku, despite the fact that he is Japanese, decided he wants to help Lelouch find her.
Sound Episode 0.522:
English Title: The Song of the Secret Base
Japanese: Himitsu Kichi no Uta
Lelouch continues his search for the missing Nunnally, but Suzaku beats him to it.
Sound Episode 0.533:
English Title: The First Friend
Japanese: Hajimete no Tomodachi
Nunnally reflects on Lelouch and his growing friendship with Suzaku.
Sound Episode 0.543:
English Title: The End of a Happy Summer
Japanese: Shiawasena Natsu no Owari
Lelouch and Suzaku escape from their SP bodyguards to head to the countryside when they encounter a Britannian invasion force.
Sound Episode 0.884:
English Title: The Imperial Siblings
Japanese: Buritania no Kyoudai
The episode features a conversation between Schneizel, Cornelia, Clovis, and 13-year-old Euphemia about Britannian Areas, Japan, and their thought-to-be-dead half-siblings Lelouch and Nunnally.
Sound Episode 0.911:
English Title: Meeting with Milly
Japanese: Mirei to no Saikai
Set four years before the main story, it tells about Lelouch's enrolment into Ashford Academy and his first meeting with Milly.
Sound Episode 0.916:
English Title: The Black King
Japanese: Kuro no Kingu
The first time Rivalz gets to watch Lelouch play chess against a noble.
Sound Episode 5.831:
English Title: Orange Peel
Japanese: Orenji Poru
Cecile and Viletta insist to Jeremiah that he should thank Suzaku for saving him. He was not able to do so when Guilford personally arrests him.
Sound Episode 6.113:
English Title: The Name of the King
Japanese: Ou no Namae
In this episode, Arthur is taken in by the Student Council as a stray cat, and they struggle to find a name for him, little knowing that he already has one.
Sound Episode 9.258:
English Title: We Can't Tell Lelouch
Japanese: Rurushu niha Ienai
The Student Council members are acting weird and Lelouch thinks they have found out about his secret as Zero. He tries to find out what they really know, but they seem reluctant to speak out.
Sound Episode 9.725:
English Title: The Night Before the Showdown
Japanese: Kessen Zenya
Suzaku and Lelouch talk about their childhood before the Battle of Narita.
Sound Episode 11.351:
English Title: The Girl in Straitjacket
Japanese: Kousoku Koromo no Onna
Lelouch and C.C. discuss C.C.'s wardrobe, and the two of them reveal deep characteristics about each other.
Sound Episode 12.55:
English Title: Ticket of Dreams
Japanese: Yume no Chiketto
Shirley comes up with various scenarios as to how Lelouch will reject her when she asks him to go to the concert with her. Most involving him marrying all the other Ashford characters, including Nunnally.
Sound Episode 14.821:
English Title: Brown Agony
Japanese: Kasshoku no Kunou
Ohgi seeks advice from other Black Knight members on what to do with an unconscious Viletta in his apartment.
Sound Episode 15.447:
English Title: Playing Strangers
Japanese: Tanin Gokko
Following suit with Lelouch's and Shirley's supposed argument, Rivalz and Milly decide for a short time to act as if they're meeting for the first time.
Sound Episode 15.631:
English Title: Women's Fight
Japanese: Onna no Toi
A quarrel between Tamaki, Kallen and C.C as they head to Mount Fuji.
Sound Episode 21.534:
English Title: The Final Invitation
Japanese: Saigo no Sasoi
Suzaku meets up with Lelouch, by this point suspecting his identity, and attempts to offer an olive branch.

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