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The proud members of: Refrain: Anime Forum Ever have compiled a list of the entire Code Geass Soundtrack! Desperate and frustrated looking for lyrics of Code Geass songs all over the web? Your search ends here! We have the lyrics, names, artists, and downloads available! If you are unable to find a song that you're looking for, please sign up and send in a request for us on the forum, we will get it on here as soon as possible!!

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In Code Geass, we are presented with many back ground works composed by Hitomi. Hitomi's works are a series of mystical, "dream", harmony-sounding masterpieces that help the mood fall perfectly into place. Some of her most popular works are: "Innocent Days", "Stories", and "If I Were a Bird".

Without knowing it, when enjoying a Anime's storyline such as Code Geass, we fail to truly comprehend how much the music brings the Anime alive. Music is the window that we use to look through, and see what characters are feeling. Rather it be dismal, sorrowful, or excited! In Code Geass, the music enhances our experience to a completely new level. Depending on the style, and tone of music, it gives us a sense of Proper Closure, Pride, Uneasiness, Accomplishment, Hope, and Faith. It'd be pretty hard to imagine how Code Geass, or any Anime for that matter would be like without any music to bring alive the raw emotion...Wouldn't it?

Description written by Ian el Britannia

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This music section was created with the help of Kouzuki Luna. Thank you Kouzuki Luna for your generous contributions.

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