Code Geass Knightmare Frames

Z-01 Lancelot

7th Generation - Continuation

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Code Name: The Lancelot
Model Number: Z-01
Unit Type: prototype seventh generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer: Holy Britannia Empire
Operator: Holy Britannia Empire
First Deployment: a.t.b. 2017
Acommodations: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 4.49 meters
Weight: combat weight 6890 kilograms
Armored Material: unknown
Powerplant: energy filler, replaceable electrical cartridge, uses Yggdrasil drive superconductor transfer system, power output rating unknown
Equipment/Design Features: 2 x factsphere open sensor camera, mounted in chest, range unknown; landspinner high-mobility propulsion system, mounted in legs; 2 x mountain road board, mounted on feet; Float system backpack, allows atmospheric flight
Fixed Armaments: 4 x slash harken, mounted 1 on each hip and 1 in each forearm; 2 x "Blaze Luminous" MSV particle shield, mounted on forearms; 2 x MVS (maser vibration sword), stored in scabbards on backpack, hand-carried in use
Optional Hand Armaments: VARIS (variable ammunition repulsion impact spitfire) rifle, mounted on rear armor
Pilot(s): Suzaku Kururugi

Knightmare Profile

Though the development of the Knightmare Frame once progresses rapidly, a period of stagnation rises following the development of the RPI-13 Sutherland. Since this stagnation is the result of the Sutherland's relative lack of innovation, the so-called sixth generation is dominated by trial-type machines that failed to produce any concrete results. For some time, it looks as though Knightmare Frames have hit their peak. However, shortly afterward, this slow period is broken by the creation of the Z-01 Lancelot, the first seventh generation Knightmare. Though the operating system and frame materials are slight improvements over earlier Knightmares, the biggest change in the Lancelot is the fact that its entire frame is suffused with the highly conductive mineral Sakuradite. This affords the Lancelot incredible energy efficiency, giving it the ability to power several theoretical developments from the "lost" sixth generation, including the VARIS rifle, MSV particle shield, and MVS vibrational swords.

Unlike other Knightmares, the Lancelot does not feature an ejectable cockpit that allows the pilot to quickly escape. The Lancelot is also the second flight-capable Knightmare thanks to the use of the Float system backpack, which unfortunately drains a large amount of energy.

Due to the immense cost of producing such a machine, the Lancelot is intended as a unique prototype with no plans for mass production. However, the lack of available pilots means that the Lancelot remains little more than a showpiece. This changes when Suzaku Kururugi, formerly a "grunt" in the Britannian military, is discovered by Special Technical Unit member Lloyd Asplund. Suzaku's high simulator scores and the desperate situation lead to his piloting the Lancelot to help deal with the Resistance forces during the liquidation of the Shinjuku Ghetto. After single-handedly taking down the entire enemy force, Suzaku is assigned as the Lancelot's permanent pilot, and becomes the biggest thorn in the side of the Order of the Black Knights, who dub the machine the "White Armor." The Lancelot remains a superior unit until the later introduction of units that can rival its power, such as the Type-02 Guren Mark 2 and the Type-3F Gekka. Following the addition of a Float Unit, the Lancelot is redesignated as the Z-01/A Lancelot Air Cavalry.

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