Code Geass Knightmare Frames

Guren Flight Enabled

8th Generation - Aspirations

Code Name: Guren Flight Enabled
Model Number: Type-02/F1A
Unit Type: mass production 8th generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer: Kyoto House
Operator: Order of the Black Knights/United States of Japan
First Deployment: a.t.b. 2018
Acommodations: pilot only, in motorbike-style cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 4.51 meters
Weight: combat weight 8.50 metric tons
Armored Material: unknown
Powerplant: energy filler, replaceable electrical cartridge, uses Yggdrasil drive superconductor transfer system, power output rating unknown
Equipment/Design Features: landspinner high-mobility propulsion system, mounted in legs; cockpit ejection system; air glide wing system, enables atmospheric flight
Fixed Armaments: "Hien Souga" slash harken, mounted in chest; rocket harken, mounted on right arm; 43mm grenade launcher, mounted on left forearm; armor-piercing bombardment-type radiant wave surge system, output variable, mounted on right arm; 2 x 12-tube gefjun net unit, mounted on back
Optional Fixed Armaments: chaff smoke, disrupts enemy sensors
Optional Hand Armaments: "Ryogo Otsugata Tozantou" fork knife
Pilot(s): Kallen Kouzuki/Stadtfeld

Knightmare Profile

Despite its pilot Kallen Kouzuki's exceptional skill, the Type-02 Guren Mk-II is outclassed by the Knights of the Round during an attempt to capture Area 11's new Viceroy, Nunnally Vi Britannia. Badly damaged and plummeting towards the ocean, Kallen is saved by the intervention of Black Knights engineer Rakshata Chawla, who sends a set of upgrade parts that turns the Guren Mk-II into the Type-02/F1A Guren Flight">Guren Flight. The old radiation wave arm is replaced with a much more powerful bombardment arm, which can fire microwaves in a ranged beam or in a wide-area burst that can short out enemy machines caught within it. As the name implies, the Flight Type also receives an air glide wing unit that allows it to fly, but this also comes with a set of missile-like Gefjun disturbers, which can shut down the functions of an improperly shielded knightmare (and still hamper the functions of a shielded one). Though the modifications consist mostly of a new head and arm, this upgrade puts the Guren on par with the Rounds' personal Knightmares, and Kallen returns to her place as the Black Knights' ace pilot. Shortly afterwards, however, the Guren faces off against its "brother," the Chinese Knightmare Frame XT-404 Shen-Hu, and is defeated in part by a lack of maintenance which leaves it powerless in a critical moment. Kallen and the Guren are handed to Prince Schneizel El Britannia, who gives the Guren to the Camelot Engineering Corps working under Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi. The Corps then massively overhauls the captive enemy machine into the Type-02 Guren SEITEN.

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