Code Geass 7 - Season 2 Episode

The Abandoned Mask

Nunnally is sworn in as the new Viceroy of Area 11, and reveals her intention to restore the Specially Administrated Zone of Japan. Knowing he cannot go against his sister's wishes, Lelouch slips into a state of depression. Before he can relinquish himself to Refrain, Kallen steps in, reminding him his duty as Zero to realize the dreams he gave to the Japanese. An eavesdropping Rolo emerges, but attempts to persuade Lelouch to abandon his identity as Zero and return to being a high schoolstudent. Meanwhile, the Black Knights are under attack by a Britannian naval fleet, led by Suzaku. A glimmer of hope is revealed to Lelouch after he sees fireworks setting off at Ashford Academy. Rushing to the battlefield, he successfully leads the Black Knights to defeat the entire naval fleet. To Suzaku's surprise, he then announces his intention to accept Nunnally's offer to join the Specially Administrated Zone of Japan.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 7 - Suterareta Kamen - 棄てられた仮面

Charles zi Brittania is giving a speech about how the world is all lies; lies set for the weak to feel strong. He plans for Brittania to become the flesh of the world itself with their power and they must crush these rebellions.

Lelouch wakes up from his nightmares about Nunnally to find Rolo sitting next to his bed. He realizes that Zero is in the way of the world Nunnally wants create. Now she is safe in Area 11 with the protection of the Brittanian military and with Suzaku as her bodyguard. The student council is preparing for the class trip. His friends worry about Lelouch but he assures them he is just excited about the trip. An announcement chimes and they all file into the auditorium to hear the inauguration speech of the new Viceroy.

Nunnally the new Viceroy presents herself as a blind and crippled girl, by doing this she asks the residents of Area 11 to help her help them. Also she states that she would like to reinstate the Specially Administrated Zone despite the disaster that occurred with Princess Euphemia. Both the Britannians and Elevens are outraged that she would even mention that idea. She does not think that the attempt to create the zone was a mistake and that we need a gentler world. She requests that Zero and the Black Knights join her in creating the zone. Lelouch can't stand to hear anymore and walks out of the auditorium. After her speech Nunnally asks Suzaku his opinion on her plan and he assures her that it is a good idea and it wasn't Euphy who was wrong.

Attempting to get away for time to think Lelouch boards a train and is sitting in peace when Kallen tries to call him. Not wanting to be bothered, Lelouch snaps the phone in half and throws it out of the train.

At Yokosuka Harbor Ohgi and Tamaki discuss what should be done about Nunnally's proposal. Tamaki suggests that they will simply have a full on fight with the Britannians but Ohgi isn't so sure since the only Knightmare they have is the Guren. When Tamaki suggests they go to Zero for new knightmares Kaguya walks in agreeing with Tamaki. She had come looking for Zero and is disappointed to find he is not there. Kallen asures her that Zero would never cheat on her but she could care less stating "grown up men have basic physical needs." Kaguya joins hands with Kallen and C.C. declaring them the 3 ladies of his court which confuses Kallen and C.C.

Lelouch uses his Geass on the passengers on board the train to all move out of one car so he can be totally alone. He doesn't know what move to make now since everything he has done up until now has been for Nunnally's sake now leaving Zero in her way. As he thinks Rolo breaks in to the train and puts Nunnally's speech on throughout the train. When the screen in the train changes it startles Lelouch and he runs out of the train onto the loading platform. He backs into a man spilling posters with his sister's face all over the floor. He tries to escape the look of her face but her image seems to follow him everywhere he goes. As he runs Rolo follows close behind. Lelouch finds himself wandering the allies of the ghetto when he comes upon a refrain drug deal. He sees a Britannian leading several Elevens beating up another Eleven. Lelouch finds it disgusting that the Japanese are feeding on other Japanese in order to please a Brittanian. The Elevens refuse to allow Lelouch to call the Japanese; and the Brittanian assures Lelouch they work for him out of their own free will. Lelouch snaps and begins to use his geass to make them do random exercises, dance, and sing all the while laughing like a mad man.

C.C. finds Lelouch's dilemma simple, he should just stop being Zero. She doesn't care what he does just so long as he stays alive; in her mind the Black Knights are over.

Lelouch has ended up at the place where Zero was born and is about to inject refrain into his arm when Kallen interrupts. She has come to try and help him but is astonish to find him with refrain. She smacks the vile out of his hand and prods at him telling him all he has to do is come up with another plan; she will do anything. He then asks her to console him as he tries to kiss her. She smacks him at tells him he has an obligation to be Zero and they need him to play his role with all his heart this time. She runs off crying.

Rolo approaches the confused Lelouch and tells him to forget about everyone. Rolo tries to convince him to stop being Zero. He says it will be better for everyone even Nunnally and that he promises to be with Lelouch forever. "Wanting happiness is not a crime."

Nunnally is in discussion with her father Charles zi Brittania. He asks her why she has requested to be Viceroy and about the Zone. She states that she knows Lelouch is watching her even though she doesn't know where he is and she doesn't want to make a mistake.

Kallen is looking at Zero's mask when C.C. comes in and states that the mask is heavier then it look and the one who wears it bears a fate for the whole world.

Suzaku leading a fleet of Brittanian ships has surrounded the Black Knights ship. Suzaku requests that all persons aboard the ship stand on deck; so they can do a forced inspection. Kallen asks Tohdoh what to do.

Rolo and Lelouch return to a seemingly empty school. When they notice someone is setting off fireworks they proceed to the roof to find the student council members waiting for them. Rivals tells them that they didn't want to leave without them. Their kindness reminds Lelouch of the friends who are not there to join in the fun; also he thought of what physical for happiness would take, he remembers that Suzaku once said it would be like glass "you may not always see it there you simply have to change your point of views and it will sparkle." He promises his friends one day they will light off fireworks with everyone. He realizes his battle is no longer simply about Nunnally but something much bigger.

Suzaku orders the fleet to fire at will. Tohdoh orders the Black Knights to submerge a submarine and they hide in the depths of the ocean waiting for word from Zero. Suzaku realizes they are trying to escape and sends the Portmans to find them. Tohdoh simply orders them to fire and not to let them find them. The Britannians are simply guessing where they are and Tohdoh orders them to remain calm. The Black Knights spring a leak and begin to sink but there is nothing they can do, without Zero they are doomed.

Suddenly Zero's voice comes in over the intercom. He orders them to fire all torpedoes dead ahead. They question his reasoning but Kaguya point out they have no other choice. Suzaku is merely waiting for them to surface so he can attack in the Lancelot. The Britannians focus fire on the point where Suzaku has located the enemy, they are about to fire when the Black Knights beat them to the punch hitting the methane hydrate. The methane hydrate causes a huge amount of bubbles to float up under the Britannians making them unable to fire at or peruse the Black Knights.

The Britannians are in shock when they spot Zero approaching them being carried by a Knightmare. Suzaku prepares to shoot him out of the sky, but Zero reminds him that he will be disobeying his lady's orders. Zero reaches out his hand and accepts Nunnally's invitation to join the specially Administrative Zone of Japan and orders all the Black Knights to cooperate willingly.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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