Code Geass 6 - Season 2 Episode

Operation Pacific Ocean Ambush

Rolo uses his Geass to buy Lelouch time to say words of caution to Nunnally without revealing his reawakened memories to Suzaku. Unwilling to fight against Nunnally, Lelouch orders the Black Knights to capture her as she is transported to Area 11 by airship. Successfully boarding the vessel, Zero meets and tries to convince that Britannia is using her. Nunnally reveals she volunteered for the position and states she wishes to continue the Specially Administrated Zone of Japan, requesting a bewildered Zero to join her. Britannian reinforcements hinder the Black Knights' assault, and as the airship crashes into the sea, Suzaku manages to save Nunnally, taking her away from Lelouch a second time.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 6 - Taiheiyō Kishū Sakusen - 太平洋奇襲作戦

Suzaku has Lelouch trapped. He is on the phone with Nunnally, whom he is not supposed to remember, with Suzaku standing right behind him. Torn between not lying to Nunnally and not blowing his cover he frantically tries to decide what to do. As he sorts through different options in his head he spots Rolo standing in secret behind Suzaku.

Rolo uses his geass to freeze Suzaku and warns Lelouch about the time limit on the geass. Lelouch tell Nunnally that it is him on the phone but that they must act as though they are strangers. Nunnally is a mixture of confused and happy at the sound of these words. Lelouch tell her he loves her and is going to come for her, and Rolo stops the geass. When Suzaku comes to Lelouch acts as though he has never meet Nunnally and she apologizes and asks for him to hand the phone back. Suzaku apologizes for causing confusion.

Nunnally is in the Avalon in the Holy Britannian Empire California Base waiting to go to the Tokyo Settlement to become the new viceroy. Outside the Avalon in the base Guilford and a General in charge of protecting Nunnally on the way there argue over whether or not Guilford needs to accompany them with his flight enabled knightmare. Guilford knows that the new Zero presents a threat but the General says "Zero was killed a year ago the one we face now is merely a poser using his name." and that Princess Cornelia would be regret seeing him afraid of this fake Zero. Lloyd runs down the hall to them in his usual carefree manner slightly disrespectful he explains they are late because adjustments on Lancelot Conquesta took longer than they thought.

Nunnally begins to question both Lelouch and Suzaku's motives.The news of the unknown new Viceroy is flooding Area 11, along with news on the activity of the Chinese Federation.

Kaguya Sumeragi says good-bye to Empress Tianzi of the Chinese Federation, with whom she has made close friends. She is going to go back to Area 11 to be with her "husband" Zero.

Sitting in the operations room for secret intelligence Lelouch discusses his next move with C.C.. She asks if he will be able to fight his younger sister since she is now Viceroy of Area 11 and he is appalled at the very idea. His only goal is to make sure she is not used a pawn like before. He asks her about V.V. and she said she barley knows anything about him all she knows is that he is the Emperor's first ally and that they have made a pact together.

Charles and V.V. are standing at the Sword of Akasha. Charles says his goal is to kill the god and V.V. says "That was our contract. Then Charles refers to V.V. as his big brother.

The Avalon with Nunnally the new viceroy took off and is over the Pacific.

Three of the Knights of the Round are at the Chinese Federation base in Area 11 and ask about Zero. Xingke reports that he has no idea where the Black Knights have gone and he plans to tell them everything so there will be no confusion.

The Black Knights approach to attack the Avalon. Their objective is to capture the Viceroy without harming her. They are using land Knightmares for an air attack. The Black Knights release a cloud of green smoke and the General aboard the Avalon attacks into it. Zero uses this as a distraction and sends his troops around onto the Avalon.

Zero uses his geass to get aboard the Avalon to find Nunnally. The Black Knights appear to be winning the fight until Guilford comes with Gino, Anya, and Suzaku in float unit equipped knightmares. General fears that this will be blamed on him and Guilford will take all the credit.

Zero reaches the garden located in the bottom floor of the Avalon, where Nunnally is. He reminisces about being with Nunnally. He walks up to her and a security officer tells her that it is Zero, but then his line goes dead. Nunnally asks Lelouch to give her the courage to face Zero.

The Black knights are facing Gino in the Tristan. Gino quickly goes through their knightmares one by one. The Avalon is headed on a collision course with another ship and won't be able to turn in time. Anya in the Mildred fires at the ship and destroys it, almost hitting the Avalon. Suzaku heads out is a small airship to the Avalon to receive the Lancelot from it. The General begins to head to a firing station so he can become part of the fight. He shoots at Tohdoh who has placed his knightmare on one of the engines of the Avalon and the General shoots aimlessly at it. Tohdoh doges the shots and fires back killing the General. The Avalon begins to descend towards the ocean.

Nunnally explains to Zero that she asked to be sent to Area 11 and hopes to change it for the better. She does not agree with his current methods but asks him to help her reinstate the Specially Administrated zone of Japan. He is astonished that she would want to bring that back after what happened with Euphimia.

Tohdoh and Senba are looking inside the Avalon to try to find Zero and get out of the ship before it crashes into the ocean. Gino and Guilford intercept them and destroy their knightmares. Suzaku launches the Lancelot with 47 seconds till the Avalon hits the water. Once he is in the air he fights off the Black Knights until Cecile is able to tell him what part of the ship Nunnally is in, so he can save her. He begins to fight Kallen. She refuses to go into the ship until everyone else is safe. Suzaku starts to destroy the Guren, and Kallen falls off the Avalon; her eject lever will not work; with no float unit she is doomed.

Rakshata pops on Kallen's screen and requests that she use the new glide wing pack unit and right arm she has made for her Guren. They send out the equipment if airships, and attach them while she is still falling. The wing pack works fine and Kallen is saved. If the arm doesn't work then Kallen is doomed but Kaguya points out they don't have much choice and she shoots at Guilford destroying his knightmare the arm is also working. They ask her to save Master Zero, even C.C. is worried.

Suzaku get the info on where Nunnally is and Gino and Anya go after Kallen. Kallen quickly disable their knightmares and heads after Zero. After defeating them Kallen goes to intercept Suzaku. Suzaku quickly escapes and heads up to the Avalon.

Lelouch debates what to do with Nunnally, weather to take Nunnally by force or to show her his true identity, both of which ideas would do more harm than good. Suddenly the Lancelot begins to break through the walls and he hurries to grab Nunnally while he still has time. Once the Lancelot breaks through the air gust blows Zero out of the Avalon. Suzaku grabs Nunnally with Lancelot in time to save her and Kallen catches Lelouch in the Guren.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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