Code Geass 5 - Season 2 Episode

Knight of Rounds

Suzaku returns to Ashford Academy to investigate Lelouch. With the Black Knights reassembled, Lelouch plans to lead the resistance while maintaining his facade as a student. A welcoming party is held for Suzaku at the academy, and C.C.'s love of pizza threatens to reveal Lelouch's secret; Kallen arrives to retrieve her but is seen by Villeta. She tells Lelouch how she came with Kaname Ohgi the previous year, and Lelouch uses this information to blackmail her. Alone, Suzaku reveals to Lelouch his goal of becoming the Knight of One, which would allow him complete governing authority over an Area of his choosing. To test Lelouch, he allows him to speak with the new Viceroy of Area 11: Nunnally vi Britannia.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 5 - Naito obu Raunzu - ナイトオブラウンズ

In the year a.t.b. 2018, aiming to liberate Japan, the colony named Area 11, the masked man, Zero, has waged a war of independence against the Holy Empire of Britannia, the superpower bound for world domination. The power of absolute obedience that none can defy, Geass, and the armed group, the Black commanding these two powers, he launches his rebellion against the Empire. He, the genius strategist Zero. His true identity is that of the castaway prince of Britannia, Lelouch Lamperouge.

The Black Knights celebrate their freedom by throwing all their prison clothes into the air. They proceeded to put on their new Black Knights uniforms. When asked about the identity of the mysterious Knightmare's pilot, Lelouch it's an associate. Kallen doesn't like it when he hides things from her.

While Tohdoh was talking with someone else, Chiba stares at him silently. Asahina tells her to confess already. Apparently there is side plot going on between them, which will not be explored until several episodes later.

Zero makes an appearance to greet his comrades. Chiba, however, is the first to question Zero. Why did he betray them? His answer is that he did it for the sake of defeating Britannia, and said nothing else. The crowd was surprised by Zero's brief answer. Tohdoh stops the crowd's bickering and stands by Zero's side. He says we need their abilities. Ohgi also stands by his side. When Tamaki cheers him on, the rest cheer him on.

Lelouch is shocked when Suzaku returns to the academy. He is here for a new assignment, the teacher explains, and then tells Suzaku to sit next to Lelouch.

Both friends narrate at the same time, stating how they were both enemies without knowing it. To Lelouch, Suzaku was his first friend, yet it is him who sold him to The Emperor. Charles rewrote three of Lelouch's memories -- about Nunnally, about Zero, and that he was a Prince of Britannia.

All of Suzaku's friends inquire him about Zero's identity. Then Arthur bites him. It seems that some things never change. Suzaku then visits the underground surveillance team, and asks Rolo to continue to act as Lelouch's brother. Rolo, however, is unsure of what to do. Should he follow orders or trust his brother?

Lelouch uses his Geass on his teacher, telling him to overlook all irregularities between him and Rolo. It's not explained what the purpose is, but knowing Lelouch, I'm sure he's cooking up something big.

While the Glaston Knights are looking at the damage that was caused in the previous battle, the base is infiltrated by the aerial type Knightmare. The pilot, Knight of Rounds member Gino, says the defense here is crappy.

The Glaston Knights attack him, and the Gino's machine transforms into a Knightmare -- Variable Knightmare Frame Tristan. He is able to take them both on at once, but in the middle of the fight, Suzaku interrupts it, saying it is over. Anya, in the Mordred, comes over and asks if it's over already.

At school, there is a welcoming party for Suzaku. In preparation for the food, Lelouch and Rolo are pealing potatoes, having a nice "brotherly" chat. Lelouch is teaching him how to do it, and Rolo blurts out that his Geass has a weakness.

Unable to resist the party, CC comes out wearing a school uniform. Lelouch, upon seeing her, puts a bag over her head, fearing that people might recognize her.

Gino and Anya also show up at the school. Anya takes various pictures with her futuristic PDA device.

He drags her to a private area and scolds her for showing herself in public. CC, however, has other plans other than to stay home. When Shirley shows up, Lelouch pushes CC into the pit of tomatoes. Shirley, seeing that they are alone, realizes that this is her chance to speak him about some personal stuff. But their little moment was interrupted by a doll biting Lelouch. Kallen is inside, and she's here to retrieve CC. Shirley tries to pull him out and wants to take off the doll's mask. To complicate things further, Suzaku and Milly show up, asking for Arthur. Then, the Ganymede grabs the tomato box, with CC inside. Everyone begins to run after the Ganymede.

After everyone has outrun him, Lelouch then uses Geass on some student, and says "system pattern rouge." When CC falls out of the box, steam is everywhere. Kallen's cover is almost blown, but luckily due to the chaos she escapes.

After the whole mess, Lelouch, Kallen, and CC have a meeting on the roof. Kallen mentions that she bumped into Villetta, a woman who was with Ohgi. Lelouch is confused as to why they are together, and CC whispers the answer into his ear. Then he understands everything.

When Villetta walks into the surveillance room, Rolo points a gun at her. Lelouch then walks into the room, and reveals her relationship with Ohgi, and bribes her to work for him.

As Kallen and CC are taken home by Xingke, Suzaku visits Lelouch. He says he wants to become the Knight of One so he can ask for Area 11. Naturally, Lelouch does not like the idea. Then Suzaku says that Area 11 will have a new governor, and proceeds to dial her number. He hands the phone over to Lelouch, who hears Nunnally's voice.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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