Code Geass 1 - Season 2 Episode

The Day a Demon Awakens

One year after the Black Rebellion, Lelouch Lamperouge has resumed his normal school life with no apparent memories of the year before. After skipping remedial gym class, he sets off with younger brother Rolo to gamble at Babel Tower. Led by C.C., the Order of the Black Knights launches an attack on the complex to retrieve Lelouch. C.C. reawakens his memories, and Lelouch resumes his identity as Zero, while Suzaku Kururugi declares to the Emperor that he will personally kill Zero.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 1 - Majin ga Mezameru Hi - 魔神が目覚める日

In the year a.t.b 2010, Japan is defeated by the superpower bound for world domination, the Holy Empire of Britannia and is renamed to the colony, Area 11. Seven years later, on a day when the Japanese people had no hope to speak of, one rebel stood up, the masked man, Zero. Zero, who advocated the liberation of Japan, led the knights">black knights and challenged the Britannian Army to a decisive battle. However, the battle resulted in the defeat of the Black Knights�and the death of Zero. Such was how history was written.

Now it is the year a.t.b 2018 in Area 11. The remnants of the Black Knights have taken over a Britannian blimp to cover themselves. CC is the operator and she makes a report saying that everything is normal. Urabe makes a toast to the members and drinks the cup, and screams "Long live Japan!"

Lelouch is in Ashford Academy and he�s being chased by his PE teacher, Villetta, who wants him to go to class. But Lelouch has more important things that he wants to do, and he runs around campus trying to escape. All the female students root for him as he makes his great escape. Villetta jumps out the window and lands on him, but it turns out it�s Rivalz in disguise.

Lelouch had already escaped, and is riding a bike with his brother, Rolo Lamperouge. It�s been 1 year since the Black Rebellion, as Lelouch narrates. He hates being used by other people, so getting a 9 to 5 job is out of the question for him. There is no way he can be at top, because the world is already �completed.�

In the news, someone was executed for treason. Governor Calares, the new ruler of Area 11, says that Elevens were being manipulated by Zero, and he lied to them. The Japanese is a fake name.

Lelouch actually cut class so he can play chess, which is a way to kill time, as he narrates. On his way to the casino, he bumps into a girl in a bunny suit, which happens to be Kallen. She apologizes to him and tries to put a transmitter on him. But some black guy grabs her ears and insults her race. This has become an eye sore for Lelouch, and he questions if this black guy is on the fit side. But this guy turns out to be the �Black King,� a powerful mafia leader, yet knowing this, Lelouch challenges him to a friendly game of chess. Unbeknownst to him, Lelouch is being monitored by a secret group of soldiers, under the command of a baron.

The opinions of those being captured vary greatly. As Tamaki is getting his ass kicked by the police, he says if Zero were here he wouldn�t have to suffer. Nagisa thinks Zero is a traitor who abandoned them during their final battle. Tohdoh says it doesn�t matter because he�s dead.

As predicted, the Black King is no match for Lelouch�s chess skills. But he claims that Lelouch cheated, and his bodyguards grab him. Suddenly, there�s a explosion on the roof, and this is Kallen�s opportunity to escape, so she punches and kicks the Black King.

The blimp drops onto Babel Tower and Knightmares drop into the building, and the lights turn off because of the damage.

In the next scene, Gao Hai is introduced, and he shakes hands with Calares. He is a eunuch who came from the Chinese Union, alongside his ally, Xingke, who is a military official. The guards tell Xingke to remove his sword, to which he responds by slashing off their belts. He says they don�t understand the Chinese Union.

The ones who were watching Lelouch have to take action now. The baron reveals that he reports directly to His Majesty, so the orders of Calares do not matter.

As Rolo is taking his brother to safety, the Zero Burai drops in and signals Lelouch to go in. Unfortunately, the Burai is attacked by other Knightmares.

Kallen regroups with the Black Knights and she takes out an ignition key from her boobs and jumps into the Guren. Lelouch and Rolo hide in some room where they think it�s safe, but that is far from the truth. Some guy shoots them, and then the ground falls apart, and Lelouch falls into the darkness. He finds his way out of the rubble and sees a bunch of corpses of both Britannians and Elevens. One of them has a picture of Zero.

In front of him, Lelouch sees the Knightmare that was damaged from before. To his surprise, the pilot is a girl with lime colored hair, a girl by the name of CC. She says �We have come for you, Lelouch. You are my accomplice.� She gets shot in the back, and Lelouch catches her.

A group of Britannians point their guns at Lelouch, and the pilot comes out of the Knightmare. He is the baron who is in charge of capturing CC. He reads Lelouch�s schedule for the day, and explains that is the bait. Much like the first episode of the last season, Lelouch is moments away from death, and wishes that he had the power to stop all this. Suddenly, CC grabs him and kisses him.

Next we see images of a vortex and random shock images of Geass. This is the power of kings, as the witch explains. So, this thorn like irritation that he felt everyday�it is because they were fake memories. It is then that glimpses of his real memories surface � Suzaku shoots off his mask, revealing Lelouch.

Now that his memories are restored, Lelouch asks the baron, �If powerlessness is a sin, then is power justice?� Then he proceeds to cast the Geass on all the soldiers and tells them to die. After all his enemies are eliminated, he announces, �I am not the one who is wrong, the world is!�

Emperor Charles goes to see the Knight of Rounds, which consists of Suzaku, and beside him a man named Gino, and a little girl named Anya. Suzaku says he will be the one to kill Zero.

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