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Told mostly from Kallen's perspective, her rocky relationship with her biological mother is revealed. The Black Knights are sent on a mission to take out the drug "Refrain", and find themselves to be popular among the Elevens. Kallen's mother is found among the Refrain users, and is arrested following the Black Knights' destruction of the drug stockpiles. Kallen promises to have changed the world by the time she is released.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 9 - Rifurein - リフレイン

The young Britannian named Lelouch Lamperouge is endowed with two powers, the first is Geass. The power of absolute order and the second is Zero, the leader of the Black Knight's. To avenge his mother and to create world where Nunnally can live peacefully, at this point no one knows the results of his actions.

As Kallen was listening to the news about the incident of the hijacking hotel, she heard a crash outside her room. Kallen walked out of the room and saw that the maid broke the light. Kallen told her to clean it up quickly and goes back to her room. As she looks at a picture, she becomes sad, the picture shows Kallen with her brother, Naoto and a lady whose face is being cover with a rabbit sticker.

Cornelia tells Euphemia that she will be destroying the terrorist groups and the "Refrain" that Eleven's are using and tells Euphemia that she will leave the Black Knight's alone for awhile because they save her life. Cornelia also says that she will give Area 11 to Euphemia after she gets rid of all the terrorist groups and wants Euphemia to stays safe until it so. As Zero announces that the Black Knight's are the allies for the weak, they oppress the military forces, profit-seeking corporations, criminal those whom the law couldn't punish. The Black Knight's soon becomes heroes as they get Knightmares and supplies from the supporters in secret.

Milly came to Kallen's house, but Kallen's stepmother says many things but when she said that Kallen is just like her mother, the maid slowly walks backwards hitting the vase making it fall breaking it, causing and Kallen's stepmother is scold her.

Milly gave Kallen her middle school transcript, up in Kallen's room, in which Kallen says, that secret's out, since Milly now knows that she is a half-blood, a mix between Eleven and Britannian and that her real mother was the maid. Kallen seems to not like her mother very much and Milly says that her secret will be safe. As this was happening Kallen's mother uses a key to open desk drawer and in the drawer was an injector with many phials. Lelouch and Suzaku are talking about Zero and the Black Knight's deciding if Zero and the Black Knight's where doing the right thing but it was never decided because Shirley walks into the room. When Kallen is talking to Ohgi on the phone, Ohgi tells her that there is a drug sold to Japanese called "Refrain" if anyone uses it, it can makes the users feel like they are going back to the past. Refrain was a drug created to completely destroy the Japanese.

Five Britannian teenagers are bullying an Eleven man, Kallen wants to help the Eleven but Lelouch stops her and tells her that if Kallen helps him then he couldn't sell anything tomorrow on. Lelouch uses his Geass to make the teenagers stop bullying all Eleven from now on.

Kallen asks Lelouch what he thinks of the new Japan and what he wants to do. Lelouch replies that he doesn't want to do anything and says that the guy from earlier understands that if he bowed down to Britannia then he could live a better life. Kallen slaps his face because of his answer and walks away.

Villeta asks Jeremiah about him losing his memory, about the incident and say that she has been losing some of the memory too, and tells Jeremiah that she will check the students she saw back in Shinjuku.

As the Black Knight's attack the refrain factory, Kallen takes her Guren out and sees the Japanese who were using the drugs and the guy from earlier, the one that beaten up by the Britannians, along with Kallen's mother.

Kallen takes her mother into Guren's hand but gets attack by Knight Police afterward. The Guren falls down after the Knight Police shoots the Guren's leg. Kallen's mother says that she will always stay with her. After Kallen realized what her mother's true intention was, she destroys the Knight Police and takes her mother to hospital afterward. At the hospital Kallen tells her mother, that she will make a world where the two of them can live peacefully together.

Summary written by Takanari

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