Code Geass 8 - Season 1 Episode

The Order of the Black Knights

A group from the Japan Liberation Front takes a hotel and its occupants hostage, including most of the Ashford Student council and a disguised Princess Euphemia. As such, Princess Cornelia cannot make a move against the hostage takers, which Lelouch realizes and takes advantage of. He mounts a rescue operation with Ohgi's resistance cell, and as he speaks with the hostage takers, Suzaku sinks the floating hotel using the Lancelot. However, Lelouch derails any rescue efforts by the army so he can take credit for the rescue. Broadcasting publicly to the nation, he announces the creation and purpose of his Black Knights, "allies of justice" who will judge the world and protect the weak from "those with power."

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 8 - Kuro no Kishidan - 黒の騎士団

Lelouch, a young Britannian student, received a special power from mysterious girl named C.C. called Geass, the power of absolute order. Using his geass he plans to destroy the Holy Britannian Empire for his sister Nunnally while his friend Kururugi Suzaku is on the verg of establishing himself in the Empire.

Milly, Shirley, Nina were going on a trip to Kawaguchi Lake. Zero calls the terrorists to a location and tells them that this is now the base of the Black Knight's. As everyone surveys the house, Minami turns on the television, and they see the news that the terrorists who name themselves the Japan Liberation Front has hijacked the hotel and they are keeping the hotel guests as hostages.

The JLF (Japan Liberation Front) sends out the video of the hostages, and amongst them were Shirley, Milly and Nina. The leader of the JLF introduces himself as Kusakabe and tells everyone that if they stay quiet and do nothing they will not be harmed.

Cornelia and her subordinates are planning to destroy the JLF and the only way to go into the hotel is the lifeline tunnel that is underneath the hotel. It is a tunnel that is used to transport supplies and can employ Sutherlands in, but the JLF easily destroys all Knightmares in the tunneil using the "Raikou", a gigantic anti-Knightmare rifle.

Later it is revealed that Euphemia is one of the hostages, but nobody knows yet. C.C. is talking to herself again on the school building. Suzaku knows that he can't do much to get Cornelia to accept him but Lloyd says that Cornelia draws a tight line between Britannians and Numbers.

Zero then tells Kallen and Ohgi that they will not be the resistance, but they will be the heroes of justice. Cornelia doesn't want to attack the JLF because of Euphie's safety. One of the soldiers informs her that Zero has a message for her. When Zero confronts Cornelia, she points her gun at him. He asks what is more important, Clovis who is dead, or Euphemia who is still alive? He says he will save Euphemia, and he successfully enters the hotel. Cornelia orders everyone to kill the JLF and Zero. She also gives the order to let Lancelot launch as a decoy which Suzaku accepts, so Lancelot is now equipped with a new rifle called "VARIS."

Nina, being frightened, unintentionally mutters "Eleven" and upon hearing it, the soldiers were going to punish her. That is when Euphemie reveals her identity, thus saving Nina.

In a private room, Zero asks Kusakabe what he wants to achieve from this hijacking. He replied that he only wanted to know that the Japanese aren't dead. Zero says they are too late to be saved.

Lancelot launches and breaks through the defense line successfully while Zero uses his Geass on Kusakabe telling them all to die. Suzaku prepares his VARIS rifle. Zero talked with Euphie and tells her that he killed Clovis because Clovis was the son of the Emperor of Britannia and pointed his gun at her, saying that she is also the Emperor's child.

Suzaku fires his VARIS and obliterates the JLF and hurries out from the tunnel, because the hotel was crumbling. The bombs that the terrorists planted were then triggered and they exploded all around the building. Zero tells Cornelia that he saved all the hostages and he punished the JLF because they killed the innocent civilians and Clovis was the same. Zero announces to the world that those that are weak should seek him out, while the strong should fear him. The only ones that can shoot are the ones who are prepared to be shot at. This is when he introduces the Black Knights, the upholders of justice.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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