Code Geass 7 - Season 1 Episode

Attack Cornelia

Cornelia sets a trap for Zero at the Saitama Ghetto as she begins to clear another resistance cell. Despite C.C. trying to stop him, Lelouch takes the bait and goes to the aid of the Saitama resistance. His plan falls apart from a combination of Cornelia's superior tactics and the resistance cell's dissimilar motivations. Lelouch is cornered and nearly discovered, but C.C. dons his Zero costume and distracts the Britannian Army, allowing him to escape. Lelouch blames his defeat on the undisciplined rebels and resolves to build something better than a mere resistance unit.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 7 - Koneria o Ute - コーネリアを撃て

Eight years ago, 2009 a.t.b. Lelouch seeks an audience with the Emperor. As the other lords are talking about Lelouch's mother, Marianne has been killed and Nunnally was shot in the leg and can't see anything because of a psychological illness. Lelouch also has no right to ascend the throne anymore.

The Emperor says that he has no use for the weak so he didn't go visit Nunnally. After Lelouch heard what the Emperor said, he renounces his title. The Emperor then sends Lelouch and Nunnally to Japan as bargaining chips because the prince and princess would make a good price.

Cornelia says that she will win this war without the help of the number and will only promote Suzaku to Warrant Officer only.

Cecile is helping Suzaku with his homework, and she also tells Suzaku to cherish his friends as much as he can. Cecile then asks Suzaku to try her rice ball and asks for his opinion. When Suzaku at it Cecile tells him that she mixed blueberry jam in it. But before Suzaku can give his opinion Lloyd walks in and tells everyone to go home because the work is done. Cecile tells Suzaku to go see his friends even if the classes are over.

Shirley asks Karen in the Student Council Room. She asks Karen that is she having something with Lelouch or not, While Shirley asks about when she saw them at the ground and when Karen wants to catch the cat for Lelouch. Karen answers that she didn't have anything with Lelouch and told her to stopped imagine some weird things.

Milly is talking with her mother about rebuilding Ashford's family.

Cornelia surrounds the Ghetto with her troops preparing to attack and made the same situation in Shinjuku to draw Zero out. Lelouch walks into his room while C.C. is collecting Pizza stamps.

Lelouch is preparing himself to go to the Ghetto to ask? Cornelia many things. C.C. asks what more important to him between finding his mother's killer and destroying the Britannia Empire. Lelouch's answer? that both of it is the same because the Royal family is fighting within itself. C.C. said that survival is the nature of human but Lelouch says that he will never abandons Nunnally even when she's weak. And will destroys that the world that destroys the weak. C.C. points her gun to Lelouch.

Suzaku walks into the Student Council Room and asks where Lelouch is, Shirley replies him that how could she know where that idiot Lelouch is.

C.C. tells Lelouch to stays because she can't let him die before he fulfills his contract. Lelouch threatens C.C. by pointing the gun to his head so C.C. let him go.

The people of Saitomo Ghetto are being slaughters by Cornelia. Jeremiah is arguing with Kewell while Villetta suspects Lelouch of being in league with Zero (While at that time Villetta still remembers seeing a student but don't know who.)

Lelouch watches the battlefield from the building and when one Sutherland found him, he tells the soldiers to escort him to the HQ as he gets ahold of a disc from terrorist. When the soldier come down to confirm his ID, Lelouch uses his Geass and gets the Sutherland from him.

Lelouch tells the resistant to followed him if they wish to live. The Britannia troops are being destroy one by one after the resistant destroys the bridge, Cornelia orders them to retreat and Lelouch tries to sneaks into the retreating group.

C.C. is seen to speaking alone and she gets angry at the end of the conversation saying who do you think I am?

Shirley tells Suzaku that she loves Lelouch and Suzaku tells her the best way to knows Lelouch felt toward her is to ask Lelouch himself and calls him. Shirley takes the phone from Suzaku's hand and put it back to the phone. The two fight to call or not call but when they fall to the ground they been in compromising position and Arthur bit Suzaku's hand.

Lelouch told one of resistant to activates the signal and acts like a Britannian soldier. Cornelia orders to destroys that Sutherland because she doesn't want soldiers that can't follow theirs order then she has no uses for them. When the resistant surrenders, Cornelia orders her soldiers to kill them, the resistant soon get all slaughters and Cornelia orders all of the pilot to open theirs hatch and show their faces. When it come to Lelouch before they can open his knightmare hatch, Zero stand on the ruined building and they open fire on him and Zero falls down. Cornelia orders everyone to fall back since followed Zero won't do anything good.

Lelouch is running in the sewers and meet C.C. who was Zero earlier. Lelouch tells C.C. that he will makes his army that is superior to Britannia army.

Summary written by Takanari

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