Code Geass 6 - Season 1 Episode

The Stolen Mask

Suzaku transfers into Ashford Academy and faces the scorn of the Britannian students. Cornelia continues her hunt for Zero, destroying several rebel strongholds but finding no clues to his whereabouts. A stray cat slips into the Lamperouge residence on campus and takes off with Lelouch's Zero mask and a massive, comedic chase involving the entire student body follows. The Emperor of Britannia makes a speech during Prince Clovis' funeral on the virtues of inequality and the social battle for evolution and betterment.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 6 - Ubawareta Kamen - 奪われた仮面

A guy in cloaked walks in and informs the Emperor that the body has been delivers successfully. The Emperor replies that he is talking with Prince Clovis until now.

The entire classroom is talking about Suzaku and everything wasn't a good one. Nina says that she scares the eleven. When Shirley said she will talk with Suzaku, Rivalz stops her. Lelouch stands up and sends Suzaku theirs signal by pulls up the shirt collar. Suzaku comes to the roof because the sign Lelouch did was to talk on the roof and this sign was made seven years ago.

Suzaku asks what happened to the girl they met in Shinjuku. Lelouch tells him that they got separate in the confusion. Suzaku says that there is someone told him to enroll in school because seventeen years old should be like that and that one is Euphie who is watching the painting Clovis made, there she sees a picture of Lelouch. Nunnally and theirs mother.

Cornelia was seen to be with her loyal subordinate and they're destroying the rebel in search of Zero. But it turns out that Zero isn't there so she kills all the Japanese in the hideout who put up a fight.

Sayako brought Nunnally home. Lelouch tells Nunnally that he has a present for her today. Lelouch told Sayoko to not say anything. He calls Suzaku out. Suzaku walks to Nunnally and holds her hand, after Nunnally touches his hand she knows that it was Suzaku and she cries his safety.

Suzaku says that he is still in the army, the engineering corp. Lelouch holds the teapot up to refill it, Suzaku tells Lelouch he will help too. But Lelouch says that this isn't like seven years ago, he is the host here. And the two said that both of them have been improved, Suzaku in manner and Lelouch on his wit. After Lelouch walked into the next room, C.C. is standing in the kitchen waiting for him and asks that is Suzaku all right or not. Lelouch says he is fine and he was his friend.

Lord Gilbert G.P. Guilford tells Jeremiah that he has two choices to decide, the choice is between start back to being a mere pilot or fly orange flag wherever he go.

Suzaku is about to leave, before he leaves he tells Lelouch to acts like they never met before or else the fact that Lelouch and Nunnally were the Prince and the Princess of the current Emperor. Lelouch nods and the two say goodbye.

In the morning of the tomorrow Lelouchtalking with someone over the phone. The guy over the phone says Lelouch that they couldn't hold out much longer, Lelouch tells them to wait and hang up. When Lelouch looks out of the window he sees Suzaku washing his shirt because the shirt were paint with "Go back to your Ghetto."

Nunnally comes in to talk with Nina about the school today; Nina replies that it was scary to have a new kid that was eleven in the class.

C.C. opens the door and takes the Pizza from the guy, without notice the cat that Euphie helped, walk into the house.

C.C. walks into the room with the cat too but both C.C. and Lelouch didn't notice it. C.C. asks why Lelouch is hiding the mask, he replies that it was the only physical evidence that could give him away. Nunnally knocks the door and opens it, she told Lelouch that she has made some tea and she smells Pizza. Lelouch answers that he was saving up point and will goes after her right away. After they left the room the cat made the bag thatLelouch hides his mask falls down. C.C. turns to see but see nothing while she turns to the bag the cat left the room.

Nunnally asked Lelouch that can he do anything about Suzaku having a hard time in the class, Lelouch tells her that this kind of thing have to take time.

Lelouch turns to see the cat wearing his mask and he shouts out, the cat runs away and Lelouch runs after it to get his mask back.

The cat jumped out of the window and Lelouch following it, C.C. watches the scene from the room.

Nunnally told Milly, Rivalz and Nina that looks like a cat took something precious from Lelouch. After the three guess what kind of Lelouchthings are. Milly told Nunnally that she will get it before Lelouch does.

Lelouch continues to run after the cat into the school building and he uses his Geass on two of the girls that saw the cat with Zero's mask to forget about it.

Milly announces on the school P.A. to catch the fleeing cat, every club activities suspend and will get additional funds if they participate and also get a chance to kiss anyone in the student council to the catcher choice. Shirley fell from the jumping board into the pool while Milly is laughing crazily on the PA.

Karen who is walking alone but after Milly announces about the kiss, the gardening club and the movie club appear behind her and both decide to give their all for the kiss of Karen.

The entire school begins to search for the cat. Karen runs in the hallway and crashes into Shirley, both of them come to an agreement that their kiss was on the line and cooperate.

Milly asked Nunnally about the cat special mark or something that could identify it. Nunnally tells everyone that the cat's leg was hurt and also said the cat meow like this, after Nunnally says meow out everyone in the school shouts meow altogether, making Cecile who is across the street from the school says that this school was so carefree and should be in mourning and tells Lloyd that if they want to hide Lancelot here, they need a permit.

Karen and Shirley managed to corner the cat. But when Shirley asks Karen that who she will use the kiss on, the two get into argue and the cat runs away pass theirs feet.

The cat runs into the clock tower. Lelouch and Suzaku meets up at the ground floor and they run up together but Lelouch falls behind. After they come out on the roof of the building, many of the students watch at them, when Suzaku about to reach the cat Lelouch slides down making Suzaku to slides down to help him. While Suzaku is helping Lelouch the mask falls from the cat's head and stucks on the pole of the roof.

After Suzaku gets the cat and comes down first, Shirley thanked him. Milly asks about the item that the cat had but Suzaku says that it falls down and he didn't see it. Milly gets disappoint because she fails to put dirt on Lelouch. Nina asked about Lelouch and Suzaku relationship, Suzaku hesitants to reply but Lelouch tells everyone that they're friends and asks Milly to gets Suzaku in Student Council. Milly accepts and everyone befriends with Suzaku except Nina who is scared of elevens.

The 98th Emperor gives a word of condolence to everyone that everyone born isn't equal. And inequality is not evil. And Britannia is evolves each time it conquest. Britannia always looks forward to the future and the death of Clovis is the proof that Britannia is evolving. Everyone shouts "All Hail Britannia" Except Suzaku and Karen.

Summary written by Takanari

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