Code Geass 6.75 - Season 1 Episode

Suzaku's Home

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Code Geass 6.75 Synopsis

Set after Episode 6. Features a conversation between Suzaku and Rivalz about Suzaku's past prior to attending the Ashford Private Academy.
Synopsis written by Staff

Code Geass 6.75 Summary

Hangyaku no Lelouch 6.75 - -

This episode starts with Rivalz and Suzaku having a talk while fixing Rivalz's bike. Suzaku tells Rivalz that he knows Lelouch from when they met at a resort when they were kids. Rivalz is surprised, and says this is the first time he talks with someone who knows something about the childhood of Lelouch. Suzaku, however, says that they really didn't spend that much time together. Rivalz then stops Suzaku, telling him to stop talking in such a formal way since they are friends, and in the same class.

While fixing his bike, Rivalz asks Suzaku to pass him a wrench. Suzaku comments that the size Rivalz wanted might be one size too big, and suggests the smaller one. Rivalz compliments Suzaku's knowledge, especially after Suzaku reveals that he knows the name of the model. Suzaku answers that before the joined the army, the person who took care of him rode the same type of bike. We get to know that this person was a strict woman who already passed away, and that Suzaku's job was to repair and wash it.

Rivalz apologizes for asking, but Suzaku says it's fine since it's the truth. Then we learn that Suzaku lives with the unit he's assigned to in their current station at the university across the street. Rivalz feels bad for Suzaku, and offers him to live at school and be his roommate. Suzaku thanks him, but says this works better because of his work.

At the same time Lloyd is sitting while working on his computer. Cecile the comes in, and when she sees Lloyd, she automatically starts complaining about what a mess there is around him. Lloyd only smiles, and tells Cecile that she should know what his working style was. Lloyd then says that it has been a long time since they met at the laboratory at their university, and Cecile agrees. Lloyd then states that Cecile likes it, and unsure of what her boss is referring to, Cecile starts blushing and mumbling.

Lloyd says he's referring to the research, and Cecile gets back on track. Lloyd seems very happy as he says that it's all thanks to Schneizel that they are in the situation of doing what they want. Cecile then looks out of this world, but when Lloyd asks her what she's thinking about, she say's it was nothing. Cecile then asks if she can take command of the "Technological Department of Special Dispatch Envoys", and Lloyd gladly leaves it in her hands.

Suzaku then arrives, and states in a military way that he has returned. This makes Cecile think, and she then says that that isn't the way to say so, and that he instead should say "I'm home." They then decides that in this room there are no such things as military status, and that they all should treat each other as a family member.

The episode then ends with Lloyd sitting alone, humming on "Merrily We Roll Around."

Summary written by Staff

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