Code Geass 5 - Season 1 Episode

The Princess and the Witch

To Lelouch's surprise, C.C., the girl who gave him his power, is alive and now living in his residence. Suzaku, having been acquitted of all charges, accidentally meets Third Princess Euphemia li Britannia and ends up intervening in an internal pureblood struggle. Meanwhile, Second Princess Cornelia li Britannia endeavors to take charge of Area 11 as Viceroy and bring Zero, now the Empire's number one enemy and most wanted man, to justice...

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 5 - Kojo to Majo - 皇女と魔女

In the opening scene, a group of 5th Generation Knightmare Frames, called Gloucesters are seen attacking a rebel group in area 18. Everyone calls the purple haired woman Princess Cornelia, a ruthless warrior in the battlefield. She plans to eliminate Zero to get revenge for the death of Prince Clovis.

When Lelouch comes back to the clubhouse, he finds Nunnally having tea with the green haired girl who he met in Shinjuku. Nunnally asks if CC is his girlfriend, and CC replies and they made a promise to each other. Lelouch purposely breaks the cup on the floor and drags CC out of the dining room into his bedroom.

Once they're alone, Lelouch asks her many questions, such as what she will do if the army comes after her. She says she will stay in this room because no one would know she is here. He asks more questions, but CC says "Good night Lelouch" and went to sleep.

In the morning, CC is seen eating pizza and asks Lelouch what is the "Orange" deal about. He says it was just a rumor to make the enemy lose trust in itself. When CC asks him what he plans to do next, he says he will make the world a better place.

Suzaku is walking around the block when a pink haired girl jumps out from the window. He catches her before she hits the ground. She introduces herself to him as Euphie. When Suzaku introduces himself, she says she already know who he is because he is famous. Later, they play with a stray black cat and the cat seems to like Euphie very much. She holds it in her arms and brings it to Suzaku, who bites him for the first time.

Euphie bandages the cat's leg and asks Suzaku if he likes cats or not. The cat runs off and Suzaku once again asks her who is she? Euphie says that she came from the mainland and this is her last day here and she wants to see Area 11. She suggests that they hang out, and they see various places and have a lot of fun together. They didn't know that Lloyd and Cecile were following them.

As Lelouch was reading about the Suzaku incident from the last episode, Kallen walks up to him and asks him, while blushing, if he can track who called last time in the bathroom (when she was taking a shower). Lelouch, seeing CC under the tree, grabs Kallen and turns her towards him. Shirley sees this from the window and starts to get jealous.

Lelouch then drags CC to the roof of the school building, saying that she shouldn't be out here. CC sees a girl making a mark on the wall and asks what she is doing. Lelouch says he is trying to test how long his power will last on a person after it was cast.

Suzaku and Euphie show up somewhere to see a group of Elevens arguing with a Britannian. They happen to be Shinichiro Tamaki, along with Yoshida and Yoshitaka Minami. Suzaku interrupts their argument, and Tamaki attacks him, and Suzaku throws him on the ground. He retreats while calling Suzaku a trator.

The person that Suzaku asks why he didn't kill them, and Elevens are worthless. Euphemia slaps him, saying that she won't allow anyone to insult Suzaku.

When they are back in his room, Lelouch explains his Geass power thoroughly. It has to be activated from eye contact, even if it is reflected from glass. The effective range is 270 meters and the victim loses memories of what happened after the Geass is cast.

In an empty stadium, Jeremiah is attacked by the Purists, led by Kewell Soresi. Cecile and Lloyd tells Suzaku to stay away from this place because the Purists are fighting amongst themselves. Suzaku says this is a good time to obtain data for the Lancelot, and bids farewell to Euphie.

Just as the Purists were about to finish off Jeremiah, the Lancelot jumps in there and interrupts the fight. Kewell throws a Chaos grenade just as Euphie runs into the battlefield. Suzaku uses its shield to protect Euphie as the bullets shot out from the grenade. It is now that she reveals her true identity; she is Third Princess Euphemia li Britannia. The pilots kneel and apologize for their behavior. Lloyd tells Cecile that he knew that she was a princess all along.

In the next scene, Suzaku is seen entering Ashford Academy.

Summary written by Takanari

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