Code Geass 4.33 - Season 1 Episode

Jeremiah's Pride

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Code Geass 4.33 Synopsis

Set after Episode 4. A conversation between Jeremiah and Villetta regarding Jeremiah'spast and his ambitions.
Synopsis written by Staff

Code Geass 4.33 Summary

Hangyaku no Lelouch 4.33 - -

This OVA begins with Jeremiah sitting in the Deputy Governor-General's seat, while Villetta is sitting on the desk. They start small talking about their futures, and Jeremiah says that "Once the revolution is undertaken by the Purist Faction is complete; I'll submit a proposal for you to become a baroness." Villetta is clearly glad to hear this, and really want an honor that is everlasting.

Jeremiah says that the next day will be the execution of Suzaku, and that he will let Villetta handle all the preparations. To this, Villetta responds that she has already taken care of everything.

With a distant look, Jeremiah says that he can't take more embarrassing, and that he already twice haven't succeeded in protecting a member of the royal family. This makes Villetta wonder.

On Jeremiah's first mission as a soldier, eight years ago, was his job to protect the Aries Imperial Villa. He was to protect Queen Marianne, but since there were just a few on duty, rebels got in, and killed the queen. After this, Jeremiah was placed in Area 11, the place where it was said that Marianne's children soon after the loss of their mother's death, had lost their lives. He then asks if the dead Marianne and Clovis could laugh of him, as he cries.

Villetta tries to comfort him, and asks him to wipe away his tears. She tells him that he isn't himself right now, and Jeremiah agrees, and says that even his little sister would laugh if she had seen him like this.

Jeremiah regains his faith in himself again as a member of the noble Gottwald's family. He will avenge his highness Clovis, and regain bough his and Villetta's honor. Then he tells Villetta to follow him, which she agrees to.

Jeremiah then reveals that he has a plan to be the Knight Of One, the personal sword of His Excellency - Emperor Charles.

Then, when it seems at the OVA is over, we can hear the scene where Jeremiah is under the influence of the geass, and orders Villetta to let Suzaku and Zero escape.

Summary written by Staff

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