Code Geass 3 - Season 1 Episode

The Fake Classmate

Lelouch confronts Clovis at gunpoint about the murder of his mother, Marianne vi Britannia, before killing him. When he returns to Ashford Academy, he discovers that Kallen Stadtfeld, one of the terrorists he helped in Shinjuku, attends the same school. The limitations to his power are also revealed to him when he attempts to question her and unsuccessfully erase her memory; he creates a cunning deception to ease her suspicions of his identity. When the death of Prince Clovis is announced in the media, it is Suzaku who is accused of the murder...

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 3 - Itsuwari no Kurasu Meito - 偽りのクラスメイト

The date was August 10th, of the year 2010 of the Imperial Calendar. The Holy Britannian Empire had just declared war upon Japan. Confronted by Britannia's newest weapon, the formidable Knightmare Frame, Japan fell to its enemy in less than a month. The conquered nation was stripped of its freedom, rights, culture, and dignity. Finally, even its name was taken away. Eleven: The name of Japan, and its people, was replaced with a mere number.

In the previous episode, The White Knight Awakens, the main character, Lelouch vi Britannia, aka Lelouch Lamperouge, slipped past the perimeter guards of the viceroy of Japan, Britannian Prince Clovis di Britannia, Lelouch's half-brother, and forced Clovis to order a cease-fire in Shinjuku, and to permit no more killing, either Britannian or Japanese.

This brings us to the start of Episode Three, The Fake Classmate, where soldiers are wondering why Clovis ordered such a thing. After Clovis asks Lelouch if that is acceptable Lelouch mentions that the reason that he and his sister were used as Britannian tools was because their mother was killed. He then reveals that his mother held the title "Knight of Honor", even though she was a commoner, which likely raised tensions among the other Imperial Consorts. He then, in a fit of rage, reveals that he knows that another of the Britannian nobles was the one to kill his mother, causing all his issues, and his sister's current maladies. Clovis then, in terror of being shot to death by Lelouch, screams that it wasn't him, at which time Lelouch uses Geass, ordering Clovis to reveal all that he knows, whereupon Clovis reveals that Princess Cornelia, and Prince Schneizel may know who killed Lady Marianne the Flash. With the declaration that "You can't change the world, without getting your hands dirty", Lelouch places the muzzle of his pistol to Clovis' head, and pulls the trigger, killing him.

In the next scene, Lelouch is rudely awakened by the Class President, Milly Ashford, at a student council meeting, as he had fallen asleep while working. This precedes an argument about Milly not having informed them of the work earlier. At which point, Milly screams "GUTS!" in order to cast a "spell" upon them.

After balancing the budget, Lelouch, Rivalz, Nina, and Shirley see a news report about the events in Shinjuku the previous day, Lelouch becomes curious about why they are covering up Clovis' death. At the remembrance of his act, Lelouch runs to the bathroom to puke.

After a short scene where Villetta and Jeremiah discuss Bartley, Kallen Stadtfeld is re-introduced. You may know her from previous episodes as Kallen Kozuki, Knightmare Pilot, and Japanese Rebel. However, at school, she poses as a sick Britannian noble so that she can explain all her absences, although she holds high grades. Lelouch catches her karate chopping a bee, and uses his Geass on her, asking questions about her presence in Shinjuku. After his questions, he ends the Geass, and starts to walk away, but turns back, and attempts, failingly, to use the Geass on her again to order her not to tell anyone about Shinjuku.

This raises questions for both Kallen and Lelouch. Kallen wants to know why Lelouch knows about Shinjuku, and Lelouch wants to know why his Geass didn't work. The next scene shows Sayoko, Lelouch's caretaker, teaching Nunnally about Origami. Lelouch comes in the room, and it skips to dinner, where Nunnally explains Origami to Lelouch, saying that Saiyoko told her that if she folds a thousand paper cranes, her wish will come true. She then asks Lelouch if he has a wish, and he says no, returning the question in kind. She says that she wishes for a world full of peace, at which point Lelouch says "When the day finally comes that you can see again, I'm sure that it will be." And he reiterates it in a promise.

The next day, standing by the stream, he sees one of his teachers walking by, and decides to do a test. He uses his Geass on him, asking about the upcoming test. Then Lelouch repeats the question, in order to find out if he is right that he can only use Geass on each person once.

Lelouch goes to Kallen, in one of her classes, and asks to speak to her, and takes her to the Student Council Clubhouse to talk, and they are bombarded by the preparations to induct Kallen into the Student Council. During the celebration, the wine cork pops off, and sprays Kallen with wine. As she is showering, Lelouch comes in the room to drop off some clothes. As he is leaving, she asks him to hand her a pouch, but when he does, she grabs his wrist and pulls a knife from the pouch, and begins questioning him about Shinjuku. At that time, the phone rings, and Lelouch answers with his free hand, but gives it to Kallen, saying it's for her. When she puts the phone to her ear, Lelouch's voice comes through, telling her to meet him somewhere, making her believe it isn't Lelouch, but someone who sounds like him. Sayoko then turns off the tape recorder, on the other end of the line, and hangs up the phone, the Geass effect wearing off. Kallen then releases Lelouch.

Walking and talking with Kallen, Lelouch walks in, and catches the Student Council and Nunnally watching the news. They have revealed the death of Clovis, and have caught the "perpetrator", Suzaku Kururugi, Lelouch's best friend from childhood.

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