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After managing to capture Cornelia, Lelouch forces her to reveal what little information she knows of Marianne's murder, but the answers do not please him one bit. V.V. takes Nunnally to Kamine Island, and Lelouch abandons the Black Knights to rescuehis sister. Without Lelouch, the Black Knights begin to lose ground to the Britannian Army. Suzaku follows Zero, leading to the revelation of Zero's identity to him and Kallen and a final confrontation between the former friends.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 25 - Zero - ゼロ

With her Knightmare trashed, Cornelia lies defenseless on the ground with blood all over her suit. At last, she sees the real identity of Zero, which is her younger brother, Lelouch. She asks, "Did you do all this for Nunnally's sake?" He says she is correct. She says he is mad, and any further talk will be pointless. Lelouch uses Geass on her, something he'd been wanting since the beginning, to find out about his mother's death. Unfortunately, she doesn't know anything.

The fact is, Cornelia was Marianne's bodyguard, yet during the day of her assassination, Cornelia withdrew her troops, under Marianne's orders. That means she knew she was going to be attacked, but by who? Cornelia says Schneizel knows.

CC then announces that Nunnally has been taken away, and Lelouch brushes it off as a joke. However, Jeremiah shows up in the Siegfried, a mecha knight fortress. "I have a request, please die." he says, and smashes the Siegfried into the Gawain.

As Cecile was putting on her body suit, she asks Lloyd why he didn't want Suzaku to go, to which he replies, he doesn't want to lose Suzaku, lest they should find another devicer.

Lelouch, doubting CC that Nunnally has been taken, calls Minami and asks for the girl in the wheelchair. Minami tells him that Ohgi is injured, but he doesn't care about Ohgi, and says he'll send a replacement for him.

The Knightmares below fire missiles at the Siegfried, and in response, it spins like a top, destroying the missiles, and destroys the Knightmares. The Gawain blows up the building behind the Siegfried, causing it to come tumbling down on it.

The students sneak outside to see what's happening, but they are captured before they could do anything. With the Lancelot disabled, the Black Knights are trying to pry it open. Suzaku voluntarily comes out of the cockpit when he sees his friends captured. Tamaki wants to shoot Suzaku and Arthur attacks him. Then the Avalon shows up, and a Sutherland piloted by Cecile drops down. It destroys the Gefjun Disturber, freeing the Lancelot. She gives him an energy filler and tells him to go after Zero. At this point, Cornelia contacts him.

Zero calls Tohdoh and puts him in charge of the battle. He says he must attend something and won't be contacted further, and shuts off the communication, which confuses Tohdoh. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the zest that Zero has, and everything falls apart without Zero's presence. Kallen, like usual, doesn't know what to do without his orders. Ohgi tells her to go after Zero. She sees the Lancelot, and figures it will lead her to Zero's location.

Suzaku shows up to see Cornelia injured. She informs him that Zero is on Kamine Island, and to go after him. Furthermore, she says he is Euphie's knight, and must clear her name. Cornelia makes him a knight on the spot, and he gladly accepts it.

Amongst the confusion, a Ganymede comes out of the ground. The pilot is Nina, and it has as bomb with sakuradite attached to it. Everyone holds their fire, not wanting to destroy everything. Nina, still mad over Euphie's death, says she will kill Zero.

As the contractors arrive on Kamine Island, something touches the Gawain, revealing more shock images to them. They were images of war and CC running away. A soldier shoots her. In another image, CC was burned at the stake. People were throwing rocks at a building with the Geass symbol. These were images of her past, as she explains, and that's all she remembers. She has been alone for all eternity. But Lelouch says she's not alone, if she is a witch then he will be a demon.

The Siegfried shows up, ruining their touching moment. CC tells Lelouch to go ahead and she'll handle him. Then she kisses him for reasons unknown. As Lelouch sets foot on land, he tells CC not to do, and she replies with, "Who do you think you are talking to?"

In the next scene, Inoue's Knightmare blows up. Minami screams like a little girl over her death, and he demands to know where Zero is. Everything is falling apart without Zero, who threw away everything for Nunnally.

Just as Lelouch is about to open the door, Suzaku points a gun at him. Kallen is also there. He reveals that he knows Geass. He calls Zero a coward for using such a power. He promptly opens fire, shooing off Zero's mask, and it cracks open, time slows down for some reason. They are both shocked to see Lelouch's face, although Suzaku had his suspicions. Kallen, in disbelief, cries like a schoolgirl who just found out she got pregnant.

Now that his identity is revealed, Lelouch asks for Suzaku's help in retrieving Nunnally. This time, however, he refuses to help. "Your existence is a mistake." he says, which pisses off Lelouch. He reveals a hidden gun, and they point it at each other, and open fire.

To be continued...

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