Code Geass 24 - Season 1 Episode

The Collapsing Stage

Lelouch's strategies give the Black Knights and their allies the upper hand in their battle against the Britannian Army. As riots break out through the country, the Black Knights take over Ashford Academy as their headquarters, and the students are spared on Lelouch's orders. An enraged Suzaku, now aware of Zero's power thanks to a mysterious young boy named V.V., pursues Zero for revenge, which Cornelia also covets.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 24 - Hōraku no Sutēji - 崩落のステージ

In the opening scene, we see Jeremiah coming out of the chamber. Bartley mentions something about Code-R, but Jeremiah is not interested in that, he's only interested in Zero. Obsessed with revenge, he becomes mad when he even hears the name Zero.

As the main battle is about to begin, some guy uses the computer to deactivate the mechanical floor the troops are standing on. Obviously he is under Lelouch's Geass from some time ago. Cornelia's forces crash into the ground and most of them are purged already.

Amongst the chaos, Tohdoh's forces charge in, and he goes for Cornelia directly. Guilford, being a true knight of the princess, tells her to escape while he takes Tohdoh on.

Suzaku is anxious to get on the Lancelot, but Lloyd doesn't let him and taunts him with the ignition key. Suzaku grabs the key and punches him, an action that surprises even Lloyd. It is the first time he has acted this violent in front of his people, and it is all because of his desire to get revenge.

The Black Knights charge into the news center. Diethard arrives and greets his old friends. He says he will broadcast Zero's accomplishments to the world. Ashford Academy is also taken over by the Black Knights. They charge into the council, where Milly, Rivalz, Nina, and Nunally are watching the news. Rivalz stands up to them and asks them to drop their guns. This is his one chance to act cool, but it could cost him since he's dealing with Tamaki. Good thing Kallen is there, and she finally reveals her identity to her friends, and asks them to trust her, and their safety is guaranteed.

The Lancelot goes on a rampage, killing everything he sees. In a flashback, the mysterious boy called V.V. tells him about the Geass. It explains Euphemia's change in personality and issuing that dreaded order; it also explains Suzaku, who always follow orders, to disobey orders on Shikejima Island.

Villetta, sneaking into the academy, reveals that she recovers her memories. In the previous episode, some guys were about to attack her. It didn't show what happened, but obviously she must have recovered her memories and shot them all. She blames her amnesia, and her falling in love with an Eleven, on the curse of Geass.

In the middle of his rampage, Suzaku confronts the Guren. This is the perfect chance for him to have a showdown with her, who is his equal on the battle field. Their Knightmares jump around and smash into each other's, but the Lancelot gains the upper hand since it can fly. As Suzaku was about to fire on Kallen, the Gawain shows up and asks to fight him one on one, which he gladly accepts.

The Black Knights catches Villetta sneaking and Ohgi tells them to take her to his room.

As the Lancelot chases the Gawain, it falls into the same trap as last time, where the Gefjun Disturbers disable the machine completely. Reinforcements from the mainland show up, but the Gawain uses its Hadron Cannons to blow them out of the sky. Next, Lelouch directs the Gawain to a place called the Aries Villa, where Cornelia is waiting anxiously for him.

In a private room, Ohgi talks to Villetta. She grabs him and takes a gun, and says she'll never be with an Eleven like him. By now he realizes she recovered her memories, but it's too late, as he is shot in the stomach.

Cornelia shows her superiority by beating the crap out of the Gawain with her Gloucester, which is supposedly an inferior model. But she gets hit by Darlton, who is under the influence of Lelouch's Geass. Lelouch thanks him, then blows him up with the cannons.

The students have gone outside, leaving only Nunnally in the room. V.V. comes to pick her up, and the episode ends.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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