Code Geass 23 - Season 1 Episode

With A Tear in His Eye

Left with no choice, Lelouch shoots and mortally wounds Euphemia in front of Suzaku. Suzaku returns to the Avalon with her battered body as the Black Knights continue to contain the violence. She then dies from her injuries as Lelouch announces his plan for the creation of the United States of Japan. Alone, Lelouch grieves over his actions as C.C. comforts him, reminding him she will stay alongside him, as per their contract. Soon, the entirety of Area 11 revolts against the Britannian Empire. Advancing with his massive army, Lelouch ignites the conflict by initiating the collapse of the Tokyo Settlement.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 23 - Semete Kanashimi to Tomo ni - せめて哀しみとともに

Continued from the last episode, Euphemia orders all Britannian soldiers, under her name as the princess, to kill the Japanese. The Black Knights have made their entrance and fight the Sutherlands. There is chaos everywhere as the military try to keep order.

Euphemia is also in a Knightmare, and happens to face off with Kallen. She recognizes her from the island. The Gawain cuts her Sutherland into pieces with the Slash Harkens. Euphemia comes out of the scrap metal and continues to fire the machine gun like a maniac. Zero comes out and shoots her in the heart. Suzaku shows up, but it is too late. Euphemia falls, wondering why Lelouch shot her. Suzaku is pissed off and slams the Lancelot into the Gawain, not caring about breaking it. It grabs Euphemia and escapes to the Avalon.

Under the circumstances, Zero has an emergency meeting with the Kyoto Houses. Kirihara asks if Zero will continue working for Kyoto, to which he replies, Kyoto will instead be working for him.

Euphie is now in critical condition, and Suzaku is here to see her final moments in the hospital bed. He asks her why she gave such a command, to kill the Japanese, and she doesn't remember a thing. Still ignorant of what is going on, she asks Suzaku how the special zone is doing. At the same time, Zero is giving a speech on the stadium. He now has full support of all the people. He calls the princess a murderer and a liar, and then announces the United States of Japan. Euphemia asks how the Japanese are doing, and Suzaku lies to her, saying that they are doing fine, so that she can be at ease. The princess declares that she is happy, and closes her eyes forever. Suzaku's tears never stopped flowing, and who can blame him? He lost the most important person he ever had.

Nunnally calls Lelouch and asks if she can talk to Euphie. She wants to see her sister one last time, and Lelouch realizes that she hasn't seen the news. Lelouch used Euhpie's massacre to make Zero more popular and expand the Black Knights, yet he is still regretful about it, because he killed his own sister. As he was shaking with regret, CC comforts him.

The Black Knights are on the move and absorbing all other terrorist groups. Everyone on the Britannian side is sad about Euphemia's death, while the Japanese gather their forces. Chigusa (Villetta) is concerned about Ohgi and calls him to ask him if he's okay. He replies in the affirmative, and then some guys break into her house.

Suzaku, still by Euhpie's side, says he doesn't understand why she gave that order. A mysterious person with a child-like appearance says he knows the answer. He identifies himself as V.V.

When Kaguya sees Zero, she says she's a fan and claims him as her future husband. She is the Goddess of Victory, but he declines her offer, because he made a contract with the devil.

In the next scene, Jeremiah breaks out of the glass tube. This spells trouble for Bartley, who is in charge of this project.

Lelouch tells the knights that he will attack the enemy's main base at midnight. Suddenly, he gets a call from Euphemia, but when he picks up, it's actually Suzaku. He asks Lelouch vague questions, such as have you ever hated someone so much that you want to kill him. Suzaku reveals that he is full of hatred and will become a murderer to avenge Euphie.

When the battle begins, the floor breaks apart, which is one of Lelouch's usual strategies. Him and Suzaku are friends, but Suzaku doesn't matter anymore. He bursts into maniacal laughter. "This is the destruction and loss of everything. Destruction comes before creation."

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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