Code Geass 22 - Season 1 Episode

Bloodstained Euhpie

During the commemoration ceremony for the Specially Administrated Zone, Lelouch and Euphemia privately discuss Japan's future. She convinces him, and Lelouch summarily halts his rebellion, until he suddenly loses control of his Geass while jokingly telling her to kill all the Japanese. The Geass-influenced Euphemia orders a bloody massacre of the people attending the ceremony. Blaming himself, a resolute Lelouch decides to salvage the situation by declaring Euphemia's Specially Administrated Zone a trap to lure out the Black Knights, and commands his troops to defeat the Britannian forces, protect the Japanese, and stop Euphemia.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 22 - Chizome no Yufi - 血染めのユフィ

According to a special report, 200,000 Japanese have already applied to join the newly formed Japanese Special Zone. Euphemia says its thanks to Suzaku and his image that this happened to quickly, but he brushes off the compliment, passing the credit to Euphemia who put this plan in action. Schneizel likes the idea, saying that the terrorists will lose support of the people, and they can retain control of Japan without any violence. The Kyoto houses question the validity of this new zone, Kirihara, on the other hand, already accepts it. Kaguya, the young teenage girl sitting behind the shadows, wonders what Zero will do about it.

As the Black Knights question the validity of the special zone, Ohgi says they should support, lest they will lose support of the public.

On the street, a Britannian citizen beats up an eleven with a can. Lelouch cannot stand watching it and insults the Britannian. A bodyguard tries to stop Lelouch, only to have the Geass casted upon him, with the order to walk away. Seeing his bodyguard walk away, the Britannian becomes confused. As Lelouch is about to use the Geass on him, Rivalz gets in the way, and he closes his eye. Shirley watches the whole thing from a rooftop, and seeing Lelouch help out a fellow Eleven further convinces her that Lelouch is Zero.

In a super secret place, Darlton negotiates with Taizo Kirihara about the terms of the special zone. He will receive prestige and power if he gives up the sakuradite minerals.

In a large stadium, everyone waits for the main event -- for Zero to show up. Princess Euphemia, of course, is there, as well as other important people from Britannia and Japan. The CU and EU are watching this from where they are, also wondering if Zero will show up.

Indeed he does show up in the Gawain. Everyone takes security measures in case he tries to do something. Zero requests an audience with Euphemia alone. She accepts without hesitation, much to Suzaku's disapproval. When they are in a room alone, Lelouch finally takes off his mask, and once again points a gun at her.

Outside, Suzaku can somehow feel CC's presence. This is a foreshadowing of very bad things to come. Lelouch says that this special zone is a way of forcing people to obey the rules. No one likes reasons, but everyone likes miracles, and Zero will be that miracle, he explains. CC jumps out of the Knightmare and suddenly has a headache. When Suzaku touches her, he receives shock images again. When Lelouch collapses, Euphie tries to help him, but the ingrate doesn't want her help. But, after telling him her real intentions, Lelouch is finally convinced that her intentions are pure. Then they shake hands, finally agreeing to cooperate with the special zone.

He also jokingly mentions that no one can resist his commands, and he if he wants to, he can order her to kill all Japanese. Unfortunately, his Geass was already activated, without him knowing, and as Euphemia struggles with the Geass, Lelouch realizes that he has become like Mao. Euphemia runs outside and says that all Japanese should die, and orders all the Britannians to kill the Japanese. She even opens fire on some guy. Darlton tries to stop her, and she even shoots him for that. The media immediately stops the broadcast, but Diethard's elite hacking allows him to continue the broadcast to the world.

Euphemia, her dress drenched with the blood of Elevens, fires a machine gun. Lelouch stands next to a bunch of corpses, and a dying old lady grabs him, begging him to save her people. But he is not the messiah, thinks he, and this whole thing is his fault...his Geass did this. He gets back into the Gawain and explains to CC that this is not his intention. Schneizel is shocked at the turn of events, and so is Cornelia.

The Black Knights have been on standby this whole time, waiting for their leader's orders. At last, the orders come in. Lelouch tells them that Euphemia has deceived them, and they must find her and kill, as he shed tears of sadness and regret.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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