Code Geass 21 - Season 1 Episode

The School Festival is Open!

The Ashford Academy holds their annual school festival. Ohgi, Villeta, Euphemia, and Kallen all make their separate ways to the event and a series of close encounters risks the revealing of their hidden identities. Suzaku pilots the Ganymede for the festival's main event: making a giant pizza, slated to be the world's largest. When Euphemia's presence is revealed, mass panic ensues. On live television, she declares the Mount Fuji area to be the "Specially Administrated Zone of Japan", where Elevens can be referred to as "Japanese" again. She believes this will bring back the happy days with Lelouch and Nunnally, but Lelouch thinks otherwise, knowing she is being naive.


Hangyaku no Lelouch 21 - Gakuen-sai Sengen! - 学園祭宣言!

In the opening scene, we see Lelouch and Suzaku stuck taking after school class because they skipped class too much. We then see random images of Elevens talking about Zero, and everyone's opinion differs, as Diethard states. Tamaki says he agrees with Zero's goal to make Japan an independent nation. He adds that if it wasn't for the Black Knights, he might still be hooked on Refrain. Ohgi then thinks that Refrain may help Villetta (the silver haired girl) recover her memories.

Milly announces the school festival is beginning, and for the opening statement, Nunnally gets the microphone and says "meow."

Lelouch speaks to Diethard on the phone for an update, but then Milly comes and says there is trouble, and Lelouch has to close the call.

Villetta walks with Ohgi to Ashford Academy, being told that it's for his job, since he needs to gather data for his project. While walking through the front gate, Ohgi mentions that he used to be a teacher. Villetta suggest that they go in, and a bunch of random students grab them and drag them inside.

As Suzaku washes dishes, Kallen sneaks up on him with a knife. Suzaku says that he is glad she is back. She wonders why he did not tell anyone about her identity. Suzaku wants to talk to her here, rather than the battlefield, because on the battlefield he will show no mercy, and despite saying this, Kallen still questions his character. Lelouch comes in and asks Kallen for help, and she accepts it without knowing what it entails...

It turns out her job is to dress up like a gravestone and scare people walking by. She hates this job and says she'll kill Lelouch when she sees him. The next couple to come happens to be Ohgi and Villetta, and Kallen is surprised to see him.

In the next useless scene, Cecile is playing whack-a-human. She only hits the ones that look like Lloyd.

The Glaston Knights are brought here from the mainland for the next battle. Schneizel says that Cornelia is unrivaled on the battlefield, and he is honored to have someone like her help him in this campaign. The tough, badass Cornelia becomes embarrassed and blushes like a schoolgirl by her brother's compliments.

CC, hearing about the world's largest pizza, comes out on campus. When Lelouch sees her, he tries to hide her in some room. Unfortunately, Kallen and Ohgi and the unknown girl, Villetta, show up. Lelouch finds himself in a predicament because they might see CC. Kallen is worried they might see Ohgi. They both want to create a distraction and do it at the same time; Kallen cuts a string, making boxes fall, and Lelouch presses button, releasing gas. Shirley is caught up in all this chaos, and is almost crushed by a big piece of concrete, if it wasn't for Kallen blocking it for her. Lelouch and Suzaku hold the concrete up with whatever strength they had.

With this chance, Ohgi and Villetta run away. She says that she doesn't mind being an Eleven.

In campus, Euphie bumps into Nunnally, and they recognize each other. As Sayoko and Euhpie's bodyguards wait outside, the princesses talk inside their room, reminiscence of old times.

Rival pulls the curtain, revealing the Ganymede, whose pilot is Suzaku. Lloyd tells Milly that the Ganymede was the Knightmare used by Marianne. Milly says that's the reason he wants to marry her, and Cecile confirms it; he is not interested in any humans at all.

When Lelouch happens to see Euphie with Nunnally, they sit down somewhere to talk. Euhpie's hat gets blown off and Shirley says her name, Princess Euphemia. When everyone hears her name, they all turn into crazy fangirls and fanboys, and charge at her.

Diethard talks to Sayoko, and it turns out she is an undercover agent for the Black Knights. How convenient for Lelouch, and he doesn't even know that Sayoko serves both Zero and Lelouch.

To escape the mob, Euphie climbs onto the Ganymede's hands. The press wants her to make a statement, and she wants to make it live. As all the Britannians and Elevens in the academy are watching, she declares the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. With this new policy, Elevens will be called Japanese, which surprises everyone. Then she calls out Zero, asking him to join the special zone.

There are many mixed feelings about her bold statement, but Lelouch definitely hates it. Because of this announcement, the Black Knights no longer have a reason to exist.

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