Code Geass 20 - Season 1 Episode

The War in Kyushu

The Britannian Army fights back against the Kyoto invaders with the Lancelot. Meanwhile, Nina meets Princess Euphemia and inadvertently gives Euphemia peace of mind about her feelings for Suzaku. As Suzaku becomes cornered when his Lancelot's power runs out, Euphemia encourages Suzaku to fight on and live. Zero and C.C. fly into the battlefield in the Gawain to recharge the Lancelot, and the two Knightmares end the Kyoto campaign together.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 20 - Kyūshū Sen'eki - キュウシュウ戦役

In the news, a guy named Sawasaki claims that Japan is an independent nation, and has taken over the Fukuoka base in Kyushu. He appears in the news and is revealed to be the former chief cabinet of the Kururugi Administration. After the war, as it turns out, he fled to the Chinese Union.

In the airship Avalon, Lloyd asks Cecile how Suzaku is doing. She says that he will do whatever he is commanded to do. In a private room, Suzaku stares at a clock and has a flashback.

Suzaku gives the knight seal back to Euphemia, his reason being that he is dishonored and not worthy to be her knight. Euhpie asks if knighthood is something that burdens him. He replies with a no. Once again, he reveals that he killed his own father and remains unpunished for it, thus, he doesn't deserve to be a knight.

Near Kyushu, Cornelia's submarines are being attacked by airguns, and due to the storm, they can't do much.

Sawasaki and his Chinese friend, General Tsao are commanding the base. Schneizel makes plans for retaliation and Euphie asks if she can help. Schneizel says that the fact she offered help is more than enough. She asks why they won't accept her help, and he says the mission is too dangerous for her.

Back at Ashford, Rivalz says that they are at war with the Chinese Union. He is also bitching that Kallen and Lelouch aren't around, and Lelouch has been acting weird lately, and Shirley thinks back to the crumbled up letter she found. The letter reveals that she knows Lelouch is Zero, yet she cannot remember writing that letter and questions its validity.

Euphemia looks at a portrait of Clovis and thinks to herself that she's a burden. She wants to help Lelouch and Nunnally, even though they are Britannia's enemies. Also, she picked her knight against her sister's wishes, and even he resigns, and she cries.

In the super secret meeting, Zero declares that the Black Knights are not part of Sawasaki's Japan; they are a sham. Ohgi then asks what the real goal of the Black Knights is. Zero says they are here to make Tokyo an independent nation. As everyone bickers over it, Diethard blushes like a schoolgirl because this will be the biggest story of the century. Zero says that "someday" will never come, and no one else is going to do it but them.

Nina charges into Euphie's gate, and the guards arrest her. Euphie remembers her as a hostage from the hotel, and orders the guards to let her go.

The Avalon breaks through the air missiles thanks to its Blaze Luminous. Suzaku is getting ready to be sortied, and becomes the Lancelot Air Cavalry. It dodges all the missiles and breaks the airships.

Next, Nina and Euphie have a chat by the fireplace. This is a borderline useless scene, as the episode can do just fine without it, but it is a nice bonding moment for the two. Nina says that Euphie is a Goddess because she saved her life last time. Euphie, however, doesn't think she is as good as Nina claims. Nina says that is not true, and proceeds to criticize herself for being clumsy, stupid, racist, and a moron.

Sawasaki tries to talk Suzaku into joining him. Suzaku says this has nothing to do with his father, but it is something that he must do. Sawasaki then comments that he is indeed his father's son, stubborn and foolish. Euphemia communicates to his Knightmare on a private channel. She says she commands him to love him, and she will love him back.

Suzaku, however, has to ruin the mood because he is going to do something stupid once again. He says if something happens to him, he doesn't want his friends to be sad. Euphie doesn't want him to die, and tells him he must live on, and his Geass activates.

Suddenly, a beam destroys the Knightmares that have surrounded the Lancelot. It turns out to be the Gawain, piloted by Lelouch and CC. Lloyd is pissed that they completed the Gawain, supposedly a project that he started. The Gawain gives an energy filler to the Lancelot, and Suzaku accepts it, and they unwittingly team up to beat the enemy.

It's interesting how they beat the enemy's forces easily, considering how hard it was to get into the base. Sawasaki and Tsao, after realizing they've lost, escapes in a car. But their escape airship is trashed by the Lancelot. Consequently, they are arrested for treason.

After the battle, Suzaku goes back to Euphie, and they find it awkward to talk to each other, after their confession. She says that her purpose is to see people smiling, because that is what speaks to her the most. She gives Suzaku back the knight seal, and he accepts it.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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