Code Geass 19 - Season 1 Episode

Island of God

The aftermath of the Avalon's arrival inexplicably leaves Lelouch, Euphemia, Kallen, and Suzaku on the mysterious Kamine Island. Suzaku encounters Kallen, and learns she is a Black Knight and the pilot of the Guren Mk-II, while Euphemia is found by Zero, confirming her suspicions that he is Lelouch. Meanwhile, Schneizel, Lloyd, and Cecile Croomy survey the island's ancient ruins. When Lelouch, Kallen, Suzaku, and Euphemia suddenly fall into the ruins, Lelouch and Kallen steal the prototype Knightmare Frame Gawain to escape. As Suzaku is detained for insubordination, it is revealed that Lelouch used Geass on Suzaku, giving him the command to "live." Elsewhere, the exiled Japanese government from seven years ago launches a full-scale assault on Kyoto with the help of the Chinese Federation.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 19 - Kami no Shima - 神の島

Continued from the last episode, Suzaku finds himself washed upon the shore. He was clueless as to where he was, thinking to himself that he can't remember anything. Suzaku wanders around, and sees someone bathing by the waterfall. It turns out that she is Kallen, and he is surprised to see her. Kallen, once she saw him, quickly grabbed a Black Knights jacket and covers herself. Suzaku is surprised to see the jacket, and Kallen grabs a knife and charges at him. Suzaku grabs her hand and slams her down, and gets on top of her, completely ignoring the fact that she's naked.

He asks if she's Kallen Stadtfeld, and she says she's Kallen Kouzuki, a Japanese, to which he replies, she is under arrest for treason.

Zero is also confused as to where he is. Since he is stranded on an unknown island, he needs to find shelter and food to survive.

Kallen's clothes are back on, and she is tied up. Suzaku asks her about Zero's identity, to which she replies figure it out on your own. Suzaku then says she doesn't know either.

When Zero sees Euphie, he immediately draws his gun. Euphie says that he is Lelouch, and he hesitates to shoot her. Euphie asks to see his face before he fires. Then he takes off his mask to show that he is indeed Lelouch. Euphie cries, much to his surprise.

The military people search for Euphemia, while inside the Avalon, Cecile continues to work on her computer. Schneizel shows up with Bartley by his side, and when Bartley comments how rude she is to look at the prince from above, she quickly stands up, and falls down, embarrassing herself. Schneizel offers her a hand, and helps her stand up. Cecile asks if he is the one who ordered the missiles to be fired on Suzaku, and Schneizel says it is indeed him who issued the order. He says that was a golden opportunity to get rid of Zero, and Suzaku is capable enough to escape it.

In the next scene, we see Euphemia naked, wearing Zero's cloak. Her clothes are wet and laid out on the ground to dry. Bored of sitting around, she asks how Nunnally is doing. Lelouch says she's still blind and crippled. Lelouch asks about his mother's death, and Euphemia says that Cornelia researched it extensively. Euphie then cries, saying how much she missed the good times, and then her stomach growls and she's hungry.

Lelouch digs a hole to make a trap. Euphie wants to help, but the proud Lelouch doesn't need the help of a princess.

Meanwhile, Suzaku catches fish in the river. He offers to set Kallen free if she cooperates, but she refuses, saying that he is not going to win her over.

The Black Knights continued to hide in the submarine, still figuring out what to do about Zero. Diethard says they need to find him because the organization is built around Zero's existence. Tohdoh comments that Diethard is a typical Britannian, one who places importance on one person rather than others. Diethard says Zero gets results, but Tohdoh retorts that a single man cannot be worth all their lives.

CC walks by and mentions that Zero is still alive. Tamaki then opens his big mouth and tells her to make herself useful, and she replies that he is vulgar.

Lelouch and Euphie end up eating fruits. Lelouch doesn't want to eat it because he's embarrassed that his trap didn't work.

Kallen and Suzaku eat fish over a bonfire. She exclaims that she's full, and Suzaku says that her real personality is much livelier now, unlike in school. Out of nowhere, he tells her to leave the Black Knights. She says that she can't because she's the captain of the Zero Squad, and she will beat the Lancelot with her Guren. He says that she has no future, but she says that he is the one who has no future as an Honorary Britannian. It seems that these have more in common than they thought, however, their differences are just too big. Kallen mentions that she is fighting so that her brother's death isn't in vain. Suzaku then reveals that he killed his father with his bare hands.

Schneizel and Bartley are in the cave, along with Lloyd and Schneizel's research team. He invited Lloyd here because he is a scientist who can help with his research of the Geass ruins.

When morning comes, the two missing parties meet each other. Lelouch puts on the Zero mask when he sees Kallen and Suzaku. Zero takes Euphie hostage, asking for Kallen in exchange for the princess.

Kallen then breaks free and grabs Suzaku. Euphemia tells him to fight and he breaks free of Kallen and runs to Euphemia, and Zero runs to Kallen. The ground's giant Geass symbol activates and Lelouch sees random images. The ground then breaks apart, and they fall down in the middle of everyone.

In order to escape, they must steal the unknown Knightmare, which is the Gawain. Kallen beats up the troops and hops on the Gawain's shoulder while Zero activates it. He says this is a good Knightmare with groundbreaking technology. It fires its cannons on the Sutherlands and escapes from the cave. However its weapons are still not functional, and he makes the Gawain fly, and Kallen is surprised.

The troops then arrest Kururugi because he ignored an order. Euphemia objects to it, and Schneizel says let it be.

The Gawain goes to meet the Black Knights, and Lelouch thinks back to the battle. He used the Geass on Suzaku, telling him to live on. Suzaku is shown a recording of his own voice, in which he says he wants to live, and he doesn't remember a thing about it.

In the next scene, Guilford informs Cornelia that Kyushu is under attack by Japanese forces.

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