Code Geass 18 - Season 1 Episode

Kururugi Suzaku's Orders

As Euphemia knights Suzaku, Lelouch establishes the hierarchy of the Black Knights. Diethard Reid suggests assassinating Suzaku, but Lelouch has other plans for him. He launches an operation to capture Suzaku and the Lancelot at a Britannia military base on Shikinejima. It almost succeeds, but Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia appears and orders his floating battleship, the Avalon, to bombard the island, intending to sacrifice Suzaku in order to kill Zero.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 18 - Kururugi Suzaku ni Meijiru - 枢木スザクに命じる

The Black Knights now have their submarine, and as it is traveling through the ocean, Inoue is scouting. She mentions how easily they can get this submarine because they have the financial backing from a certain group.

Zero holds a meeting with hi army and he assigns Tohdoh as the Chief of Military Affairs. Diethard would be head of intelligence, espionage, and public relations. Naturally, the others didn't like this setup, and Nagisa speaks up. Zero answers cleverly that race doesn't matter, it's about the ability to produce results. Then he assigns Rakshata as the head of R & D and Kallen as his personal bodyguard.

Suzaku was about to be knighted, and as he walks down the grand hall, all the Britannians talk about him. They don't like how an Eleven is going to be an honorary knight. He bows and Euphemia makes the speech, and puts the sword on his shoulder. Lloyd was the first to clap, then Darlton claps. Everyone else reluctantly claps.

In a secret Black Knights meeting, Diethard suggests that they assassinate Suzaku. Rakshata agrees, but Tohdoh and Ohgi objects. They claim that it is a cowardly act and they're not assassins.

Still unable to make a decision, CC tells Lelouch to use Geass on Suzaku. Lelouch says he can't, and CC replies that he may have to kill him.

After finding out that Suzaku became Euphie's knight, Cornelia contacts her to talk some sense into her. She says that Britannians are supposed to discriminate the numbers, and Euphie says she will change it.

In the next useless scene, we see Charles in the Thought Elevator. Some guy who looks like a muslim terrorist comes to make a report. Schneizel is doing something, and Charles says let him do it.

Lloyd visits Ashford and sees Nina. When he sees what's on her computer screen, they talk about some science mumbo-jumbo and have a bonding moment that only those two can have. Nina is happy that someone finally understands what she's doing.

When Suzaku comes back to school, there is a celebration for him, hosted by Nunnally. Everyone in school is happy for him, except for Kallen, who cleverly plans to assassinate him in front of everyone in broad daylight. Suddenly, Lelouch grabs her hand, saying that Shirley was calling for her. Suzaku notices Lelouch and walks over there, and Kallen lost her chance.

In a private discussion with Diethard, Zero asks him what did he convince Kallen to do. He tells Diethard not to overstep his authority and asks him what is his motive. Diethard says he wants to document Zero as he creates a new era by taking over the world. He says he is documenting history and this makes him excited.

Euphemia is on her way to meet some politician and this is Suzaku's first assignment as her knight. Since she is going to be over the sea, this is the perfect opportunity for the Black Knights to kidnap her and Suzaku.

When the Black Knights' Knightmares raid the base, Euphemia tells Suzaku to go and fight, even though he wants to stay by her side. He agrees and goes into the Lancelot. Tamaki is the first to be beaten by Lancelot, which is not surprising. Zero uses himself as bait to lure Lancelot into the desert, where his trap is. Once the Lancelot has the Burai, the electric field known as the Gefjun Disturber is activated. As a result, all Knightmares within the field can't move. When Lloyd sees the Gefjun Disturber, he knows right away it's the doing of his former colleague, Rakshata.

Having no choice, Suzaku and Zero get off the machines and Zero tries to talk him into joining the Black Knights once again. Suzaku refuses, saying that the Black Knights use violence to change the world, and it is not going to be accepted. Zero mentions that if Japan had continued fighitng years ago, it would have been split in three parts by Britannia, the EU and the CU. Suzaku says his father surrended, to which Zero replies he didn't to surrender, but rather, was assassinated, which surpises Suzaku. The Japanese were robbed of their freedom because of the assassin's selfish decision.

Suzaku gets a message, saying that missiles will come their way, and when Zero heard this, he became distracted, allowing Suzaku to grab his gun and take Zero hostage. He then pushes Zero into the cockpit and Zero says if they stay here they're both going to die. Tohdoh orders everyone to fire at the missiles.

Kallen, desperate to rescue Zero, charges the Guren into the electric field, and it becomes disabled as a result. She gets out of her Knightmare and runs towards them.

Euphemia gets into a portman, charging into the battlefield, thinking that if she's there the missles won't fire.

The Avalon shows up, and Rakshata mentions that it's an actual float system. It opens its bottom, revealing the Gawain, and charges its cannons. Time is running out, and Zero had no choice but to use Geass on Suzaku. Once the cannons fire, the episode ends, leaving us cliffhanging for the next episode.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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