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An inauguration ceremony of Clovis' memorial art museum is held, with Euphemia judging the art works. Lelouch agrees to help Kyoshiro Tohdoh's comrades rescue their leader. During the rescue mission, Lelouch convinces Tohdoh to join the Black Knights. The Lancelot appears and attempts to stop them, but Lelouch is able to predict its movements and plan a counterattack. When Tohdoh slices open the cockpit, revealing Suzaku within, Lelouch is shocked, having originally planned for Suzaku to become Nunnally's knight. He orders an immediate retreat as reinforcements arrive. Seeing Suzaku's bravery and creed, Euphemia announces to the media that he will be her knight.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 17 - Ki shi - 騎士

Lelouch was thinking back to the time when Mao revealed Suzaku's dark past, and Suzaku being torn apart about it. Now that it has come to light, he explains to Lelouch why he killed his own father. After Rivalz said something, Lelouch found himself in the middle of a room, and everyone was drawing him.

At the base, Inoue informs Ohgi that the Four Holy Blades are here to see him. He was surprised to see the famous group here, and they are here to ask for help to rescue Tohdoh. Nagisa says that Tohdoh sacrificed himself so that they can escape.

In the military base, Cornelia advises Euphemia that she should assign a knight to herself for her own protection, and hands her a book with a list of knight candidates.

While Suzaku and Nunnally are chit chatting and havung fun, Lelouch is happy for them, because in his mind, Suzaku's job is to protect Nunnally while he is with the Black Knights. But in the middle of their chat, Cecile comes to retrieve Suzaku. As he leaves, Lelouch says he has something important to discuss with him when he comes back.

When Shirley was fixing her hair, she drops the pin, and when trying to look for it, finds a crumbled up note. *Gasp* What could it be?

In the next useless scence, we see Euphemia at a press conference. She was unable to answer any of the questions thrown at her, and Darlton answers on her behalf. It turns out that she is not cut for this job.

As they are adjusting the Guren, Rakshata shows up. Ohgi doesn't know who she is, and she says that the Guren is her machine. When Zero arrives, he shakes her hand, confirming that she is going to be an alliance with the Black Knights. In addition, she brings Kallen a special suit for combat.

Next, we see that Suzaku is assigned to be Tohdoh's executioner. He has a flashback of himself at the dojo. Him and Tohdoh both were wearing Japanese uniforms. Tohdoh was his master, and he showed no mercy in the dojo. His flashback was interrupted by an explosion that happened outside.

Knightmare scramble to the perimetere. The Akatsuki's attack the Sutherlands using their various formations. Inside the jail, someone was about to shoot Tohdoh. Suddenly, the wall crashes on the soldier and Zero's Burai and the Guren appear. Zero asks Tohdoh to join him, but he refuses, stating that he is loyal to Katase. Since Katase is dead, he too must die. Zero, using his persuasion techniques and cunning sales skills, convinces Tohdoh to join him. Tohdoh, being the only one to win a victory against the Briannians years ago, was dubbed the Maker of Miracles. He must be responsible and continue to live up to his name.

A truck smashes into the base, and it opens, revealing a black Knightmare with red hair. Tohdoh goes inside as the Four Holy Blades welcome him back. Suddenly, the Lancelot appears, and Zero says it's convenient to get rid of one more problem.

The units fight under Zero's command, as he has analyzed the Lancelot's movements and is able to predict what he will do. Tohdoh uses his super secret move to slash the Lancelot, and cuts off the top part of the cockpit, revealing Suzaku to be inside, much to everyone's suprise. Lelouch was so shocked and disturbed that he was unable to do anything.

As they fight, Tohdoh reveals himself and calls Suzaku a coward because he is following Britannia. Suzaku once again claims that he will change the empire from the inside, to which Tohdoh replies, continue down your path and sacrifice everything to achieve your goals. Suzaku replies in the affirmation and they continue to fight.

The Four Holy Blades surrounded the Lancelot, and he uses the harkens to knock out their guns. Kallen doesn't do anything and asks for Zero's orders. He orders them to retreat. Tohdoh, seeing VTOL's coming from the sky, thinks that they're withdrawing because of that, and comments that Zero is very clever to retreat. The Knightmares release smoke to cover their tracks.

While everyone at the museum was watching the battle, Euphemia declares that she will pick Suzaku as her knight.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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