Code Geass 15 - Season 1 Episode

Mao Exalted

C.C. explains her history with Mao, and how his inability to turn his Geass off drove him insane. An injured Villetta wakes up in Ohgi's apartment and he discovers she has selective amnesia. C.C. leaves Lelouch to take care of Mao herself, but Mao gains the upper hand when he incapacitates her. Lelouch utilizes his intellect to fool Mao and rescue C.C. using the Britannian Police to surround and shoot Mao. Safe on a rooftop away from the scene, Lelouch reaffirms his contract with her, promising not to fall victim to his power as Mao did.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 15 - Kassai no Mao - 喝采のマオ

Continued from the last episode, CC and Lelouch were riding on a train to get home.

Lelouch, still suspicious of CC, asks if she is his enemy or not. She begins to explain that Geass differs from person to person. In Mao's case, he can hear thoughts from 500 meters away. Lelouch continues to ask questions as he thinks of a plan to deal with him. When asked if Mao has any weakness, CC says that he can't turn off his Geass.

In the library, Mao hears all the thoughts of the students and freaks out. He is only comforted by listening to CC's voice recordings in his headphones.

Lelouch drinks tea with Nunnally. She asks why he's been out of the house so much. He says he has an opponent who's hard to beat, which Nunnally thinks is rare.

Back in his room, Lelouch asks CC if he continues to use Geass, will he end up like Mao? To which CC replies, the more you use your Geass, the more powerful it becomes. But if you cannot control your powers you become consumed by it.

Lelouch says to her "Because Mao couldn't fulfill his contract, so you cut him loose. And you didn't kill him or take away his powers." Then he calls her a monster, which surprises her.

On a side note, Suzaku finds out that Lloyd is an earl. It is a pretty useless scene in this episode.

In the next scene, we see Milly and Lelouch hanging out. It is now revealed that she knows his secret identity as a prince of Britannia. She says that she has a blind date and asks Lelouch what she should do. Before he could answer, Shirley shows up. When Milly asks about Shirley's strange behavior, Lelouch says that they had a fight and she's pretending not to know him. Apparently, when Lelouch Geass-ed her, she lost all her memories of Lelouch only, but remembers everything else. I wonder how long can Lelouch keep up this lame excuse to cover Shirley's memory loss.

Then we see CC beating up some guy. She asks him where Mao is, and he says ask the Black Knights. It's an answer she didn't like, since she is already connected to them.

Shirley searches frantically for her diary, and she'll never find it because Lelouch stole it. He burns the diary, destroying all traces of her knowing that he's Zero.

Villetta wakes up in Ohgi's aparment...sleeping in his bed...naked. When asked who she is, she doesn't remember a thing. A bad hangover, perhaps? She sits up and the blanket falls off and her tits are revealed, in the uncensored version anyway. I feel bad for those who watched this in America, knowing their censorship rules, they probably cut this scene.

Ohgi says that she was wet and might catch a cold, so he had to take off her clothes. Yeah, right. Villetta thanks him for saving her life, saying that she could've been picked up by some bad guy. That's what she thinks, maybe Ohgi isn't as innocent as he looks, eh?

Both CC and Lelouch go back to each other without any leads on Mao's whereabouts. CC says they should team up and work together. Then Mao calls Lelouch, asking to speak to CC. After the phone call, she says she is going to see Mao alone, even though minutes earlier she says they should work together. Lelouch doesn't want her to go and uses Geass to make her stay. But it doesn't work on her, and she walks away, bidding them farewell.

In another useless Suzaku scene, we see him taking a mental test. The doctor says Suzaku is comparing himself to his father, Genbu Kururugi. It is common for kids to compare themselves to their father, especially if their father is famous and powerful. What's up with these useless Suzaku scenes? It has nothing to do with the episode's focus anyway.

C.C. goes to the amusement park to where Mao was waiting. He shows up riding a horse on the merry-go-round, and even compares himself to a knight riding on a horse. Yeah, right. More like a creepy stalker who's obsessed with somebody. As they talk, CC gets a flashback of their past together,as a kid Mao was in pain reading thoughts he didn't want to read, and CC comforts him. In another random flashback scene, Mao was drawing her and she says she'll be with him always.

CC draws a gun, but she doesn't fire, and Mao fires at her arm. Then he shoots all of her limbs, and grabs a chainsaw and says he'll make her compact, then take her to Australia. Of all countries, why Australia?

Before he could use the chainsaw, Lelouch appears on a giant TV screen. He claims that he's not within 500 meters and says that Mao can't do a thing. To which Mao cleverly replies, since you're not nearby, you can't do a thing. But Lelouch says that he knows CC's real name, something she did not tell Mao. This angers Mao, and Lelouch continues to make him jealous, saying that CC belongs to him, and he conquered parts of CC that Mao has never seen. After Lelouch declares that Mao lost, Mao goes on a frenzy and cuts the TV with the chainsaw.

Then the police shows up, even with a Knightmare Frame. Lelouch, dressed up as a cop, picks up CC. Mao then reads Lelouch's thoughts. Lelouch sends him a mental message, saying that the TV message was pre-recorded, and he essentially read Mao's mind. As Mao couldn't accept the irony, he decides to reveal Lelouch's identity to the police, but before he could say the word Zero, the police open fire.

After a helicopter drops off the two, CC explains how Mao thinks. She is his only friend and lover, and the only one who is human to him, because her thoughts are the only ones he can't read. At this point, Lelouch offers CC a contract, to which she gladly accepts, and they shake hands on it.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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