Code Geass 14 - Season 1 Episode

Geass vs. Geass

Lelouch believes Shirley may have discovered his identity as Zero, so he and C.C. pursue her to Narita. Ohgi explores the battlefield of the previous night, discovering a wounded Villetta Nu left for dead out of sight. Lelouch encounters Mao, a young man who also has the power of Geass. Mao uses his mind-reading abilities to play on Shirley's insecurities, manipulating her into shooting Lelouch, but she falters at the last moment and C.C. sends Mao away temporarily. With Shirley torn apart by grief and guilt, Lelouch uses his Geass to erase her memories of him.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 14 - Giasu tai Giasu - ギアス対ギアス

Continued from the previous episode, Lelouch woke up from being unconscious and assessed the situation with CC. Apparently, someone took Lelouch's gun, and that same person must have shot someone because he saw blood on the ground. Lelouch mentioned seeing Shirley on the battlefield before he was attacked. Even if it was her, who was the other person who saw his face?

Meanwhile, Shirley was writing in her diary when her roommate wokeup. She jokingly asked if it's a love letter, and Shirley replied nervously. She was probably writing about how she discovered Zero's identity.

At the Student Council, Nina mentions that she wants to meet Euphemia to thank her for saving Nina's life during the hotel jacking. Rivalz says he also wants to meet her to marry into nobility. Nunnally too, wants to meet her, and they all ask Suzaku if he can do it. Just then, Lelouch calls Suzuka and asks for Shirley's whereabouts.

In a secret meeting, General Darlton mentions that there is a possibility Zero's grudge is against the royal family, not Britannia itself. Guilford suggests that Euphemia take a personal knight for her safety.

Lelouch and CC were searching Shirley's room for any clues regarding the incident, and CC holds up some girl's panties and asks why she must do this. Then she reads Shirley's diary, and Lelouch opens a cabinet and saw a bunch of pictures of himself. At this point, Lelouch realizes how obsessed she is with him.

Shirley was already long gone at this point. While she stared at a statue, a stranger, later revealed to be Mao, starts rambling non-sense. Yet it wasn't non-sense, because he is a mind reader, and he was able to read her thoughts precisely. Hearing the ugly truth, she grabs her head in pain, thinking of what happened that night. As expected, Villetta discovered that Zero is Lelouch, and she says she will turn him in and become one of nobility. Shirley didn't want to lose him, so she fired at Villetta.

Shirley was going crazy from hearing Mao's words, and as she screamed in pain, Mao gives her a solution to erase her sins.

Lelouch runs into Mao, who tosses him Shirley's cell phone. He says if you want to see Shirley, come after him. They enter a room and starts to play chess. Mao, despite never having played the game, was beating Lelouch, because he was reading the moves in his mind. When Mao mentions CC, Lelouch gasped. At this point, he reveals his Geass eyes.

As Ohgi was searching through the remains of the battle, he finds an unconscious Villetta in the rubble. She was full of blood, and despite being a Britannian, he rescues her.

Shirley points the gun at Lelouch, saying that she knows he is Zero. Mao continues to talk, tellling her to kill Lelouch to erase their sins. Obviously, Lelouch knows he is manipulating her, and tries hard to think of a way out of this. Both of them convince her that the other is wrong, and Shirley, being angry and confused, fired by accident, missing Lelouch's head by an inch.

As Lelouch falls, pictures from his pocket fly of the Shirley, Lelouch and their friends. With Shirley now unwilling to do anything, Mao gives up and goes back into the skyrail. Shirley falls down and Lelouch catches her. As the skyrail moves, Mao sees CC, and is overjoyed to see her. As a matter of fact, C.C.'s voice is the only thing that is playing in his headphones.

Shirley says she's a sinner because she killed someone. Seeing the girl he likes in tears, Lelouch offers her one solution, to use the Geass on her and make her forget about him entirely. The next time they see each other, she does not recognize him at all, and Lelouch mentions that he lost someone important to him.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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