Code Geass 11 - Season 1 Episode

The Battle of Narita

The Black Knights' assault on the Britannian Army in Narita proves successful, and Cornelia is cornered by Kallen and Lelouch. At Euphemia's request, Suzaku rushes onto the battlefield in the Lancelot to rescue Cornelia. He saves her and manages to corner Lelouch. C.C. comes to his rescue by mentally traumatizing Suzaku. The Black Knights retreat from the conflict in victory, leaving the Japan Liberation Front and the Britannian Army to fight amongst themselves.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 11 - Narita Kōbōsen - ナリタ攻防戦

After the devstating mudslide from the previous episode, General Darlton found out that only 20% of their forces are left and begins to worry about Cornelia's safety. It's amazing how in anime massive deaths can happen just like that, it's too bad we'll never get to know the other 80%. Rest in peace, as they say? Lloyd mentioned that the Black Knights have appeared and became excited since this is another chance that Suzaku has to use his Lancelot.

Kallen, with the use of the Guren, kills Kewell and the rest of the Purebloods, led by Villetta, fight for their lives. However, the Black Knights without knightmares are being fired at without any defenses. Then the scene changes to Cornelia and her forces, and it seems that they are not doing so well either. Things turn for the worst when Todhoh and the Four Holy Blades show up, and Cornelia is forced to retreat alone, while Guilford and Darlton stay in position.

Euphemia, of course, is worried about her sister's safety, but refuses to mobilize the G-1 because her sister ordered her not to. Then lo and behold, Suzaku and Lloyd appear on the screen and asks to enter combat. The commanders, being Britannian dickheads, deny them, saying that Suzaku is an Eleven and he cannot make a difference. They are taking this racial discrimination a bit too seriously. But when Suzaku muttered something under his breathe, Euphemia decides to give them a chance.

Cornelia, while waiting for her reinforcements in the valley, runs into the Guren and finds herself fighting it 1 on 1. Although a superior pilot, she was no match for the Guren's technology, combined with Kallen's pilotting skills. Also, with Zero firing bullets at her from above, there was no way Cornelia could win...and after losing both arms on her Knightmare, sends a message to Guilford, telling him to forget about her. Obviously, she is going to commit suicide...until the Lancelot showed and up turned the tides of the battle once again.

Suzaku was able to rescue Cornelia and damage the Guren's right arm. The Black Knights had to retreat, but Zero was not able to escape in time, his Knightmare was trashed he found himself facing the Lancelot undefended. However, someone else showed up unexpectedly, the girl known as CC. She proceeded to touch the Lancelot and feed Suzaku shock images. But then Zero had to go and touch her, and as a result, shock images were fed to all three of them, resulting in Suzaku losing his mind temporarily, and firing randomly.

A shrapnel hit CC and Zero escaped with her when he had the chance. They fled to a cave, and while others were celebrating their victory, only Kallen was thinking about Zero's safety. As Lelouch was treating CC's wounds, she muttered her real name, which was never revealed. Somehow my speakers malfunctioned when her real name was spoken. Whne she woke up, she said that there was no point in saving her, and that is when Lelouch revealed that he knows her real name.

She got annoye,d saying that he was eavesdropping, but then burst into tears, saying there is no point in having a name. At this point, Lelouch said thank you for everything. Even though she was annoyed, CC asked him to say her name again in a way that a lover would. I find it ridiculous that no one has said the words thank you to her before, but maybe she's exaggerating a bit. She was very emotional at the time, so anything nice Lelouch said would have touched her. The second time Lelouch said her name, again, my speakers turned off at that very moment.

As for Suzaku's fate, he was still in shock, and Cornelia still called him a failure, despite him saving her life. Kallen went to the cave to pick up Zero, but grew instantly jealous when she saw CC. Then Zero muttered that "I don't know why snow is white, but I still think snow is beautiful." Another subliminal message, I suppose? I guess we'll never figure out what it means...and hopefully I can get my speakers fixed so I can learn CC's real name.

That is all for now. Audios, folks!

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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