Code Geass 10 - Season 1 Episode

The Guren Dances

Cornelia and the Britannian Army heads to Narita, hoping to destroy the remnants of the Japan Liberation Front. Lelouch has his Knights follow her in the hope of capturing her alive so he can question her about his mother's death. As the Britannian forces close in on the Front's headquarters, Kallen utilizes her new Knightmare Frame, the Guren Mk-II, to cause a massive landslide that takes out much of the Britannian forces.

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 10 - Guren Mau - 紅蓮舞う

This episode starts us off with CC jumping into a pool. She and Lelouch were hanging out in the swimming pool at night, since it is a place where they can have privacy. Lelouch seemed pleased as he reviewed the list of new recruits. But one of them caught his eye - it was a Britannian by the name of Diethard Ried. It is very suspicious why someone like him would like to join the Black Knights, yet it makes Lelouch very curious.

In their headquarters, Zero reveals to the Black Knights a whole line of Knightmare Frames, customized and ready for their use. These were a gift from Kyoto, but as Zero puts it, it is a test from Kyoto. But one particular Knightmare stands out above the rest - it is painted red, taller than others, and has a grappler arm as a right arm. It is known as the Guren Mark II.

As Kallen comments that the Guren is incredible, Zero throws her the keys, saying that it belongs her because of her unique pilotting abilities. Ohgi comes and tells Zero that a Britannian wants to join the Black Knights, to which Zero replies they should go hiking this weekend. Ohgi, confused, but still trusting Zero, gathers his group to the mountains.

In some house, Zero walks in on two soldiers. Before they could attack, he uses his geass on them. But this time, instead of telling them to kill themselves, he tells the them to ignore anything unusual. At this point, the Black Knights begin to wonder what Zero is up to. The Britannian army, led by Cornelia and Euphemia, plan their attack on the base of the Japanese Liberation Front.

Then we get a scene of Lelouch and CC talking about their names. She asks why Lelouch changed his last name to Lamperouge, but kept his first name. To which he replies, CC is not even a human name. CC answers by saying that snow is white because it has forgotten what color it is supposed to be.

When the Britannian army launches their full scale attack on the mountain base, the Black Knights realize that they are surrounded, and Zero did this intentionally so they can create a miracle out of this hopeless situation. The members begin to question Zero's ability to lead, and Zero, always being the convincing one, says if you can lead this team, then shoot me. Naturally, no one is capable of leading the team like Zero can, so they accept them as their unconditional leader.

The Britannian army is beating the JLF forces, despite it being their own territory. They are losing units fast, and the general of the JFL feels the pressure. At this point, the Black Knights make their move by having the energy cells go into the ground and exploding. This is done by using the Guren's right arm to activate the energy cells. As a result, a mudslide occurs, wiping out nearly all knightmares in its path.

The Black Knights charge into the battle line and they are spotted by Jeremiah's group. Seeking revenge for his shattered reputation, he charges head on against the Guren. Kallen, however, is not going to lose this time. The Guren over powers his Sutherland, and he is forced to eject out of his Knightmare. Villetta was shocked that this red knightmare had so much power. With Jeremiah defeated, Zero once again tells himself that victory is assured for him.

Summary written by The Jade Emperor

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