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Check out our collection of Code Geass animations we have found over the internet. If you'd like to see more you may request it from us, or if you'd like to submit some animated gifs, drop us an email at

CC Animated GIFs

CC getting shot and falls into Lelouch's arms

CC staring with glittering eyes

CC blinking and looking away

CC holding Cheese-kun

CC reading a book

CC turning around

CC touching Lelouch's hands

CC dropping a gun

CC blinking

CC crying

CC curling her hair

CC kissing Lelouch

CC looking this way

Opening theme sequence

Staring at a giant pizza

Talking with Emperor Lelouch

CC smiling

The Geass symbol

CC eating pizza

Kissing Lelouch in the cockpit

Lelouch jumping on CC in bed

CC coming out of the capsule

Anya Animated GIF's

Anya looking up and typing into her iPhone

Jeremiah Animated GIF's

Jeremiah waking up in a liquid chamber

Jeremiah breathing in a liquid chamber

Jeremiah getting kicked in the face by Sayoko

Kallen Animated GIF's

Kallen beating the crap out of Suzaku

Clovis Animated GIF's

Clovis talking and touching his bow tie

Miscellaenous Animated GIF's

CC riding in a horse wagon

Lelouch being outrun by everyone

Knightmare battle between Guren and Valkyries

The Siegfried launching missiles

The Shinkirou launching into the sky

Shinkirou firing lasers

FLEIJA exploding near Damocles

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Best Fanart Ever

The Emperor's Birthday

Picture drawn by Kaito_Shion