Code Geass 1 - Season 1 Episode

The Day of the Demon's Birth

On August 10, 2010, a.t.b., Japan was conquered by the Holy Empire of Britannia. Seven years later, teenage student Lelouch Lamperouge finds himself pulled into a battle between anti-government terrorists and the Britannian Army in the Shinjuku Ghetto. In the midst of the conflict, a mysterious, green-haired girl saves him from death by granting him "the power of the king", which allows him to compel others to do his bidding...

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Hangyaku no Lelouch 1 - Majin ga Umareta Hi - 魔神が生まれた日

In the year 2010 of the Common Era, the Holy Empire of Britannia invaded Japan. The small island nation had no chance against Britannia, which was the world's last remaining superpower. Despite its lack of natural resources, the nation of Japan had adopted a stance of nationalistic isolation.

In order to take the mainland, the Britannian forces mobilized the first of the Knightmare Frames; a new kind of humanoid powered armor. Their abilities exceeded expectations, and the Japanese defenses fell one after another before the might of Project Knightmare.

Japan became a territory of the empire, and was stripped of its freedom, rights, and even its name. "Area 11." That designation is the name that was given to the defeated Japan. It was for this reason, among others, that the 17th in line for the throne of Britannia, the abandoned Prince Lelouch vi Britannia, swears to his best friend, a young Japanese boy by the name Suzaku Kururugi, that he will crush Britannia.

Seven years later, under the alias Lelouch Lamperouge, Lelouch is a student at the Ashford Academy, located in the residential district of Area 11. He has become a gambler, and usually wagers on chess, as he never loses.

After defeating a Britannian nobleman in a game of Chess that no one else could have won, he sees a truck crash below the highway he and his friend, Leval are on. When he goes to see if anyone is hurt, he climbs inside the truck, which happens to be hijacked by Japanese terrorists. The truck drives off, and he realizes they are terrorists. The truck crashes again, due to military attacks. After it crashes, he is attacked by a Britannian soldier who is actually Japanese --- Suzaku.

It was then, that a large capsule expels green light and reveals a girl inside with green hair and a strange symbol on her head, called a "Code." When more soldiers arrive, the commander attempts to kill Lelouch, but the girl saves his life. As he is going to be shot at a second time, the seemingly dead girl grants him a special power known as Geass. This power manifests in Lelouch as the ability to incur absolute obedience in his victims.

He then saves himself, using his new power, by making all the soldiers kill themselves, by saying "I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you, all of you, to die." The episode then ends with him thinking, "From that day on, I have been lying. My life is a lie, my name a lie, my career a lie. All lies I grew tired of this unchanging world, but couldn't bring myself to give up my lies in my despair. But I have gained this power" At which point he smiles and concludes it with a cliffhanging "So..."

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