Euphemia li Britannia

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Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info: None

Character Profile

Nationality: Britannian
Occupation(s):Royalty, Politician
Britannian Royal Family - 3rd Princess
Massacre Princess - nickname after massacre
Hair:Light Pink
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone:Peach

Knightmares Pilotted: Sutherland

Known relatives: Charles zi Britannia (father), Marianne vi Britannia (aunt), Lelouch vi Britannia (brother), Nunnally vi Britannia (sister), Odysseus eu Britannia (brother), Guinevere de Britannia (sister), Schneizel el Britannia (brother), Clovis la Britannia (brother), Cornelia li Britannia (sister), Carline le Britannia (sister)

Character Biography

Euphemia is the third princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and sub-viceroy of Area 11. She is kind and sweet, and the half-sister of Lelouch and Nunnally, and the sister of Cornelia. She is Lelouch's favorite half-sister. Soon after coming to Area 11, she asks Suzaku to give her a tour of Area 11 and then the Shinjuku Ghetto. She is always saying that she is worthless, but she is very brave risking her life more than once to protect people. During the hotel hijacking, she risks life for Nina, and figures out that Zero is Lelouch because he talks too much.

Soon afterwards she picks Suzaku Kurururgi as her personal knight because their views are very similar. Soon after that Euphie, Kallen, Suzaku, and Zero are all transported to an island when during a battle. Kallen was caught by Suzaku, and Euphie was with Zero. Euphie then told Zero that she knew who he was, Lelouch. For about 24 hours Euphie was with Zero, they were once again siblings. When they ran into Kallen and Suzaku, Suzaku was giving Euphie in exchange for Kallen.

During Ashford's Academy open festival, Euphie runs into Nunnally and then Lelouch. When she is talking to them Shirley sees them and becomes jealous, but the wind blows and everyone sees that it's Euphie. When a mob forms around Euphie and a few of the other military members in the area, Suzaku gets her out using a fifth generation knightmare. She then announces her idea of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan in the region under Mount Fuji, which gives the Japanese back their names and country back.


As Euphie was talking to Zero, his Geass activates, taking control as he was saying what he could have her do. The order that took effect was, 'I could order you to kill all of the Japanese if I wanted to.' Although she put up a fight against the Geass her will wasn't strong enough to defeat the geass, he tried to stop her by saying, 'I order you to stop' but she did not. She was later shot by Zero, who had issues killing her. She died next to Suzaku with the Geass still active.

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