Refrain: Code Geass

The Original Refrain

Refrain 0 and Refrain 1.0

For those who are interested, this section goes over the history of version 1.0 of this website.

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Launch of version 0: November 2008


This is the first prototype of the website, made in November of 2008. It was originally intended to be a regular fansite. At this point, I did not even dream of it being the #1 Code Geass site. It was hosted on a free webhost, and this site is exactly what it was; an early experiment.

Launch of version 1: January, 2009


At this point, the site started to get better. Still primitive in design, but at least it had better graphics and an actual banner.

Launch of [Refrain: Anime Forum] - Version 1.0 - March 2009

It was originally called "The Best Anime Forum Ever" Location:

Launch of [Refrain: Anime Forum] - Version 2.0 - July 2009

The forum has been renamed to "Refrain: Anime Forum"

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