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Sup, y'all. Okay so for all you new people who don't really know how to use 'The Chat Box', the Emperor has asked me to explain it to y'all.

Okay, so, the way you do it is you click on sign in, set up your name, and bam, you're in. If that's all you want to do.

Now if you want to change your avatar you just click once on your name and their should be a Picture sign with a bunch of lame pictures on it. So click on the one you want OR you use your own by clicking on the Use Your Own tab. I recommend just picking one out of the options but if you want to be out there and 'cool' be my guest.

Now that is basics, you can register for a Chatbox like this but I wouldn't because well, why bother? It's kinda stupid when no one would probably get one themselves but if you want check it out because I won't unless I really need another spammer for my e-mail.

The other cool things are is you can hide the bad words or keep them up by clicking your name, clicking the hide inappropriate words or clicking so their is no check mark so you can see who is calling you a bad name and reporting it to the almighty Emperor.

Now the smilies are really cool. By running your mouse over each item/smiley/etc. You can see what each means. Mostly new links will pop up and it will confuse you but still, that is your problem not mine, take it up with the [The Emperor], because he has all the answers apparently.

The site that has offered us this wonderful Chat Box is called Xat, their link is in the chatbox right in the right hand corner, click it, read it, learn it, love it.

So that is the basics and dabbled in a bit of the advanced hope it helps you, if it doesn't, just click the help tab. Thanks and have a wonderful life in the Empire.

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