Lelouch Lamperouge / vi Britannia

Evil to Conquer a Greater Evil

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Character Biography
Birthday:December 5, 1999 a.t.b.
Occupation(s):Student, Terrorist, Emperor
Ashford Academy - VP of Student Council
Black Knights - CEO of Black Knights
United Federation of Nations - 2nd Supreme Chairmain
Britannian Royal Family - 11th Prince of Britannia
Britannian Royal Throne - 99th Emperor of Britannia
Lelouch vi Britannia - Real name
Zero - Black Knights
Lulu - Shirley's nickname
Eyes: Violet
Skin tone:Peach
Geass: Absolute Obedience

Knightmares Pilotted: Ganymede, Sutherland, Burai Custom, Gawain (with CC), Shinkirou
Known relatives: Charles zi Britannia (father), Marianne vi Britannia (mother), Nunnaly vi Britannia (sister), Odysseus eu Britannia (brother), Guinevere de Britannia (daughter), Schneizel el Britannia (brother), Cornelia li Britannia (sister), Clovis la Britannia (brother), Euphemia li Britannia (sister), Carine le Britannia (sister)


The eldest child of Marianne vi Britannia and Charles zi Britannia. Born Lelouch vi Britannia, the eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and 17th in succor of the throne, on December 5th, 1999 a.t.b.

He would play chess with his half brother's Schneizel el Britannia the second prince, and soon to be prime minister of Britannia, and Clovis la Britannia the third prince, and soon to be Viceroy of Area 11. He loved his sister Nunnally very much and always tries to protect her. But he also cared for his half-sisters Cornelia li Britannia, the second princess, soon to be Commander-in-chief of the Imperial Army, and Viceroy of Area 11 after Clovis's death, and Euphemia li Britannia, the third princess and soon to be Sub-viceroy of area 11.

In 2009 a.t.b. Marianne vi Britannia was assassinated. Nunnally became paralyzed in the limbs and became blind from trauma. After that both Lelouch and Nunnally became political hostage, for Area 11, but the emperor still attacked Area 11, on August 10, 2010. As political hostages they became close friends with Kururugi Suzaku. After the attack and the death of Kururugi Genbu, both Nunnally and Lelouch went into hiding. Their last name was changed to Lamperouge.

In 2017 Lelouch is in the high school class at Ashford academy, he is the vice president of the student council. He is known of cutting classes to gamble, on chess. Nunnally is in the middle school group, and is an honorary member of the student council. They are able to dorm in the school thanks to Milly Ashford, who is the only person who knows of their identity. After one of his many chess games, he and Rivalz saw a truck crash into a bridge. He went to go see if the drivers needed help and wound up falling into the truck. The truck went into the Shinjuku ghetto's where it wound up getting trapped. Lelouch was almost killed by the military officer that found him, but Suzaku, who is a private in the military, saved him and got shot instead. As the poisonous container opened, only it was poison it was a girl inside.

Lelouch took the girl and ran off. The military officers killed all the elevens in the place he was hiding only to be found by Shirley calling, having his phone go off. There the commanding officer shot a bullet at his head but only to be saved by the girl, C.C. who took the shot in the head, who then made a contract with Lelouch, giving him the power of Geass.

He gained the power of absolute order. His geass allows him to give an order to any person, but it only works once. After that he helped the Elevens, win there fight against Britannia in that battle, and also killed his half-brother Clovis. He also caused a cease fire order. He became Zero, for Nunnally, to make the world a better place for when she could see again.

More about Lelouch:

Notable quotes: "Checkmate."
"It wasn't me that was wrong. It was the world!"

Lelouch is the son of the Emperor of Britania, Charles zi Britania, and his latest imperial court, Marianne. Lelouch is formerly the 11th prince of the Holy Empire of Britanian and was the seventeenth heir to the throne prior to his mother's assassination. Upon confronting his father he is banished from the throne after renouncing his claim to the throne. The young Lelouch was then banished along with his sister to Japan where he stayed with the imperial Kururugi family to be used as a political hostage after questioning his father's cold regard for his mother's assassination and the crippling of his sister Nunnally. It was during his time at the Kururugi Shrine where he met and slowly became friends the young Suzaku Kururugi. When Britannia invaded Japan for its rich Sukuradite Lelouch went into hiding with his sister taking refuge with his mother's old allies, the Ashford family, and assumes his new identity as Lelouch Lamperouge.

Seven years later he meets the mysterious C.C. who bestows upon him a mysterious ability known as Geass. This seemingly god-like power, referred to as "The Power Of The Kings" allows him to compel anyone he makes eye contact with to obey any order he gives them without question. Using this power he swears to build a better world for his crippled sister, Nunnally. He pursues the destruction of Britannia under the guise of his alter-ego, Zero. On his quest Lelouch is also actively seeking the answers to the troubling assassination of his mother, Marianne.

Lelouch begins his quest with his new found power. He finds and murders his half-brother, Clovis, after using his Geass on him to learn what Clovis knew about his mother's assassination. Soon after he forms the Order of the Black Knights and takes up the guise of Zero to lead the organization and be a symbol against oppression, becoming a revolutionary in the process and gaining popular support amongst the Elevens.

ZERO is a mysterious, masked revolutionary dressed in a black helmet and cloak. The helmet has a special retractable eyepiece that allows the wearer to expose their left eye, allowing Lelouch to use his Geass. In this guise he forms the Order of the Black Knights initially composed of the members of Kaname Ohgi's resistance group. The goal of this vigilante group is a campaign against powerful individuals who oppress the helpless, which he eventually expands into reforming Japan as an independent nation.


Lelouch is a man willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He works only for the purpose of making the world better for his sister; even if it means giving up everything. His philosophy appears to be "for change to occur there must be sacrifice". His beliefs are unshakable and his determination unstoppable. He has the ability to act callously and use people as need be, but he also holds onto his humanity. often silently suffering for the methods he uses to achieve his goals.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Lelouch posses a far superior intellect then any average man. Described as genius, he is capable of devising and executing strategies with extreme precision. In the beginning of the series he used this talent to master the local chess tournaments and con Britannian Nobles into games with high stakes. Later as Zero he often treats battles as a chess match while assigning both designations and positions to the units he controls. Chess appears to be Lelouch's favorite and remains a common theme throughout the series. As Zero, Lelouch's leadership ability is often the result of his intelligence rather then the power of his Geass. He also shows his superior intellect through his ability to control the special Knightmare, Shinkiro. A machine who's defensive capabilities are only possible through precise and instantaneous calculations.

Lelouch himself succeeds in the art of deductive reasoning. Often being able to tell many things by the subtle clues invisible to the untrained eye. He uses this ability to predict the movements of his enemies in both strategic and physical movements of Knightmares, giving him a strategic advantage in battle. This ability is in part why he has come to be known as "The Miracle Maker". Lelouch also possess large amounts of charisma and charm. These traits make him very persuasive in conversation and deviously popular at school. As Zero he uses his confidence to win the support of the Japanese through well delivered, self written speeches.

Lelouch's main weakness is due to his lack of physical prowess. He has sub-par endurance and strength causing him to become exhausted after minimum physical labor. His preferred method to compensate for this is to strengthen his mind. This mental training allows Lelouch to pilot even the most advanced Knightmare Frames with minimal effort. Even though he may sometimes be overpowered in one to one combat, Lelouch uses his mastery of group tactics and deception to acquire the upper hand.

Character bio written by Elike
The many faces of Lelouch

The student

The rebel

The emperor

About Zero:

Who is Zero? Zero is a Britannian that aids the Elevens (Japanese) in regaining their land, Japan. He wants to destroy Britannia and all offspring of the Emperor. He is capable of predicting his opponent's moves and countering them.

Zero has the power of geass. His geass is Absolute command. His geass only works on a person once but he gives him an order and they follow it. The geass was given to him by C.C. as she was shot in the forehead. With that he can order people to die, as he has done many times, before. Or order them to do as he wants, which he is known of doing also.

The only problem with Geass is that the power will not be able to turn off. As he learned when he was telling Euphemia li Britannia, that he could make her do a lot of different things that she wouldn't like, when it took over. The order was to kill all the Japanese which she then did.

Zero is Lelouch Lemperouge, a gambler, and a student at Ashford Academy. Yet he Lelouch vi Britannia, the 11th prince and 17th in line for the throne and the 99th emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. Along with the caring brother of Nunnally. She is why he decided to become Zero. To change the world for her.