Bismarck Waldstein

The Knight of Knights

Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Soumei Uchida
English: Lex Lang

Character Profile

Nationality: Britannian
Occupation(s):Military Officer, Knightmare Pilot
Britannian Military - Knight
Knight of Rounds - Knight of One
Knight of One - Current Title
Knight of Five - Former Title
The Strongest Knight - Nickname
Hair:Dark Blue
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone:Tan
Geass: Future Prediction

Knightmares Pilotted: Galahad

Character Biography

Bismarck Waldstein is the man you bears the title of the Knight of One under Charles, the strongest amongst the Knights of the Round. But before he bears the title of Knight of One he was the Knight of Five. Despite his status and combat abilities, he believes war should be used as a last resort, and also sees strength without restraint as needless violence. His left eye is shut be stitches and he pilots the Knightmare Frame Galahad.

During the second battle of Tokyo he leads the Britannian forces guarding the shore against Li Xinkge invasion force. As Li and Bismarck battle, Bismarck complements Li on his skill when he purposefully takes a hit to move into position to rescue the Chinese command vessel.

During Schneizel's attempt to Kill Emperor Charles, he intervenes to stop Suzaku's assassination attempt. The live command on Suzaku, causes him to flee before they even begin fighting, meaning that Bismarck was very dangerous. When Lelouch kills the emperor and becomes Emperor, Bismarck leads the three remaining Knights of the Rounds and a squadron of Knightmares in an attempt to remove Lelouch from power. But Suzaku kills all but Bismarck who reveals that he has geass in his left eye, which allows him to see a few seconds in the future. The only person he had ever needed to use it on was Marianne, and now Suzaku. Suzaku used his live command to stall Bismarck's geass. Suzaku then sliced Galahad in half gasping Marianne's name.

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