Kyoshiro Tohdoh

The Miracle Maker

Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Yuji Takada
English: Steven Blum

Character Profile

Nationality: Japanese
Occupation(s):Military Officer, Knightmare Pilot
Japanese Liberation Front - Four Holy Blades
Black Knights - Chief of Staff
Tohdoh of Miracles - Invasion of Japan
Eyes: Black
Skin tone:Peach

Knightmares Pilotted: Burai, Burai Kai, Akatsuki

Character Biography

Tohdoh is the head of the Black Knights' Military operations, and an excellent fighter on his own. He is known as Tohdoh of Miracles for his defeating Britannia in one battle with no knightmares during the invasion of Japan. Before the war he was Suzaku Kururugi's sensai.

Tohdoh was arrested three times and to be executed three times also. The first time was so his comrades would get away. He was to be executed by Suzaku Kururugi but Zero, the Black Knights, and the Four Holy swords broke him out. Before that he and the Four Holy Swords almost defeated Cornelia, but took down the Royal Guard after she escaped. When the JLF was wiped out all he wanted to do was die, but Zero convinced him to join the Black Knights instead.

The second time was after the Black Rebellion, where he remained faithful to Zero. During the Black Rebellion, he was left in charge as Zero went off to find Nunnally. After he was broken out a second time, he leads the Black Knight forces in liberation operations throughout the Chinese Federation and the Middle East.

The Third time was after Schneizel falls. Tohdoh who had doubts about Zero, where seen as A sahina dies, in an attack as Zero goes mad making everyone look for Nunnally not Asahina. After he loses a fighting Suzaku, he becomes injured and wants to go back to battle but collapses instead. He was also freed when Zero kills Lelouch, but he knew it was Suzaku.

Before becoming a Black Knight he was of General rank in the Japan Liberation Front. He was also the hope of Japan after he defeated the Britannian's at Itsukushima.

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