Jiang Lihua / Empress Tianzi

The Puppet Princess

Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Tamaki Matsumoto
English: Jessica Straus

Character Profile

Age: 12 - Season 2
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation(s):Royalty, Politician, Emperor
Chinese Union - Empress
Jiang Lihua - Real name
Puppet Princess - Eunuchs' nickname
Eyes: Red
Skin tone:Pale White

Character Biography

Jiang Lihua is the young Empress of the Chinese Federation. She is referred as Empress Tianzi, Tianzi meaning "Son of Heaven." But when being spoken about, she is referred as "puppet princess" by the Eunuchs. Because of her age and lack of resolve, the Eunuchs control her choices. She is taken prisoner within own palace never seeing outside of the Forbidden City which she wanted out of.

In the year 2012 she saved Xingke from being executed for stealing medicine, and in exchange he promised that he will take her out of the city. She was to marry the First Prince Odysseus, in a political marriage arranged by the Second Prince Schneizel that granted the Eunuchs the titles of Nobles within Britannia. But that was broken up by Li Xingke and the Black Knights. She is then placed back in control of the Chinese Federation, becoming the first allies for the Black Knights.

When Nunnally becomes the viceroy of Area 11, she asked Zero to join the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. All of her helpers didn't like the idea and told Zero to get the heck out of there. Using the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, all of the Black Knights got out of Area 11, by dressing as Zero, they all escaped to the Chinese Federation. Soon after Tianze and her friend Kaguya Sumeragi become the Supreme Council Chairman of the United Federation of Nations.


After Lelouch is exposed as Zero and becomes Emperor, he asks to join the UFN, where the meeting is at Ashford Academy, he takes then and everyone present hostage, and later on in the Avalon. When he abandons the Avalon all of the hostages are set freed by Xingke, Sayoko, Cecile, and Lloyd, but Jiang and Kaguya are later captured again. They are to be executed but are set free when "Zero" kills Lelouch.

Empress Tianzi Mania!
Tianzi surprised
Tianzi surprised
Tianzi looking up
Tianzi looking up
Tianzi smiling
Tianzi smiling!

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