Schneizel el Britannia

Cold Blooded Strategist

Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Norihiro Inoue
English: Troy Baker

Character Profile

Birthday:February 20, 1990 a.t.b.
Age: 27 - Season 1
28 - Season 2
Nationality: Britannian
Occupation(s):Royalty, Politician, Commander
Britannian Royal Family - 2nd Prince of Britannia
Britannian Royal Family - Prime Minister of Britannia
White Prince - Nickname
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone:Peach

Known relatives: Charles zi Britannia (father), Marianne vi Britannia (mother), Lelouch vi Britannia (brother), Odysseus eu Britannia (brother), Guinevere su Britannia (daughter), Nunnally vi Britannia (sister), Cornelia li Britannia (sister), Clovis la Britannia (brother), Euphemia li Britannia (sister), Carine le Britannia (sister)

Character Biography


  • Charismatic/Calculating
  • Complex Strategist
  • Kind/Caring towards subordinates and some siblings
  • Honorable
  • Intimidating

Schneizel is misunderstood greatly by others, mostly by Lelouch. He doesn't have a fond relationship with his father, meaning that he doesn't really care for him. Scheizel has a disdain for force when it's unnecessary, though has high ambitions for the throne. He is also a great strategist. Just be careful, he will sacrifice lives when need be.

He is caring to most of his siblings, though he did shoot Cornelia. He did tell Lelouch that he is the one he loves and fears the most. So Schneizel does have a kinder side to him. Schneizel also has no desires for himself, but would make to be a perfect king in a peaceful world.

Schneizel sponsors a number of experimental projects throughout the series. Not only is he is the patron of Lloyd Asplund, the developer of the Lancelot, but he also funded the construction of the Gawain, and he takes possession of one of the Thought Elevators in Japan to study it. His investments in new technologies result in the development of the F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead and, eventually, the floating fortress Damocles, both of which are integral to his plans for bringing the world 'eternal peace' through fear and intimidation.

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