Marianne vi Britannia

The Role Model

Code Geass Character Profile

Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Asako Dodo
English: Kari Wahlgren
Character Profile
Nationality: Britannian
Occupation(s):Royalty, Knightmare Pilot
Britannian Royal Family - Empress Marianne
Knight of Rounds - Knight of One
Britannian Military - Officer
Marianne the Flash - Battle nickname
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone:Peach
Geass: Travel Through Other's Hearts
Fanlisting Information:
Script used: Refrain
Opened: 00-00-0000
Last Updated: Aug 1st, 2016
Member count: 1, from 1 countries
Pending members: 0
Newest members: marianne

Knightmares Pilotted: The Ganymede

Known relatives: Charles zi Britannia (husband), Lelouch vi Britannia (son), Nunnally vi Britannia (daughter), Odysseus eu Britannia (nephew), Guinevere su Britannia (niece), Schneizel el Britannia (nephew), Cornelia li Britannia (niece), Clovis la Britannia (nephew), Euphemia li Britannia (sister), Carine le Britannia (niece)

Character Biography

Marianne is the 99th Empress of the Holy Britannian Empire, 5th wife of Charles zi Britannia and the mother of Lelouch and Nunnally. Known as 'Marianne the Flash' for her piloting skills and having been the one to test pilot the Ganymede Knightmare Frame with the support of the Ashford Foundation. During the attempt to remove Lelouch from power, Bismarck claims that she was the only person to have needed his geass on before Suzaku.

When Lelouch and Nunnally were still children and living in Britannia, she was assassinated by V.V. with the only witness being Anya. But V.V. arranged a cover up not knowing that Anya was there, the cover up was Nunnally. Marianne also had geass, which allowed her soul to travel into some ones heart. Anya being the only one there became the place for her soul. Later on she awakes and takes over Anya?s body, and is disappointed that Suzaku was already awake so she couldn?t draw on his face.

She was will liked by lots of people including Clovis, Euphemia, Jeremiah (whose first posting was as her bodyguard), and Cornelia who commanded her personal body guard and tried to find her murderer. The Ashford family also lost their status in her death.


When she goes in C's world to kill the Gods with Charles it becomes her downfall and that is where she is killed for good.

Character profile written by Kozuki Luna

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