Alicia Lohmeyer

Britannian Bitch

Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Akeno Watanabe
English: Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Character Profile

Nationality: Britannian
Britannian Military - Nunnally's Advisor
Hair:Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone:Peach

Character Biography

Alicia Lohmeyer is an aide and advisor assigned by Britannia to observe Nunnally upon her appointment as the new Viceroy of Area 11. The quintessential Britannian, she regards Nunnally's pro-Eleven political stance with frigid opposition, but dutifully obeys regardless. When Zero engineers the exile of one million Japanese during a second attempt at forming the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, she nearly starts a second massacre by firing upon the crowd. Suzaku disarms her to prevent it from happening again.

She becomes more resentful as Nunnally begins to assert herself in the workings of the government, and even orders Kallen's execution (which is derailed by Sayoko) while Nunnally is being evacuated from the second battle of Tokyo. She is killed in the blast from the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb. Her name and character design are direct references to Miss Rottenmeier, a character from Nippon Animation's popular anime series Heidi, Girl of the Alps.

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