Kouzuki-sama / Mrs. Kouzuki

The Refrain Addict

Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info: None

Character Profile

Nationality: Japanese
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone:Peach

Known relatives: Kallen Kouzuki (daughter), Naoto Kouzuki (son)

Character Biography

Kozuki-Sama aka Kallen's mom

An Eleven who fell in love with a Britannian, of the name Stadtfeld a nobleman, with him she has two kids, Kallen and Naoto. After a fight I do so believe, she became a servant to the Stadtfeld household, in which she always tried to look after Kallen and Naoto. She also got 20 years in jail for using refrain. Kallen's mom was a clutz to protect Kallen. She always tried to be with Kallen, to protect her. NO matter what the cost, she tried to stay with Kallen and protect her.

Character Biography


Mr. Stadtfeld aka Kallen's dad

A Britannian Nobleman who is the father of Kallen and Naoto. He left to the mainland and never seemed to come back. No one knows what he looks like or really what he does.

Character Biography

Mrs. Stadtfeld aka Kallen's stepmom

A bitch by any other name is just as sweet. She is the true witch. She married Mr. Stadtfeld only for the money. Whenever the servant does something wrong she hits her. Mrs. Stadtfeld could care less about anyone or anything.

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