Kallen Stadtfeld / Kallen Kouzuki

Red Hot Ace

Code Geass Character Profile

Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Ami Koshimizu
English: Karen Strassman

Character Profile

Birthday:March 29, 2000 a.t.b
Age: 17 - Season 1
18 - Season 2
Nationality: Japanese, Britannian (mixed)
Occupation(s):Terrorist, Knightmare Pilot, Student
Ashford Academy - Student Council
Black Knights - Zero's Honor Guard
Kallen Kouzuki - Japanese name
Ace of the Black Knights - nickname
Q-1 - Zero's Codename
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone:Peach

Knightmares Pilotted: Sutherland, Glasgow (red), Guren MK-II, Guren Flight Enabled, Guren SEITEN

Known relatives: Naoto (brother), Mrs. Kouzuki, Mrs. Stadtfeld (foster mother)

Character Biography

Kallen Stadtfeld is a red haired girl who lives a double life; one of a innocent schoolgirl, and the other, a terrorist. To most people, she is a frail girl who always misses school because of her sickness. However, she prefers to go by her Japanese origins, Kallen Kouzuki, who is a headstrong fighter and skilled Knightmare pilot, as well as a Britannian hater.

She is half Britannian and half Japanese, a fact that Lelouch discoverrs after Geass-ing her on school campus. Her biological mother, Mrs. Kouzuki is a Japanese maid who lives in Kallen's house. Her father, who is never seen in the series, is the owner of the household, and has a wife, who is Kallen's foster mother. The story is that her father had an affair with Mrs. Kouzuki and conceived Kallen as a result.

Kallen was very close to her brother, Naoto, who died in the beginning of the series. They were both terrorists working Ohgi's group. When Zero decided to have a meeting with their group, he becomes their leader, despite the fact that they do not see his face. Out of all the Black Knights, Kallen is the one who is most trusting of Zero, and remains one of his most loyal followers. She believes him because he saved her life in the Shinjuku Ghetto, and thinks that he is able to create miracles.

Living a double life is tough for Kallen, as she is tired of pretending to be frail and weak in school. She is very secretive about her identity, and will not hesitate to kill anyone who even suspects that she is a terrorist. She first encounters Lelouch on school campus, who used Geass on her to try to get some answers. After the Geass's effects worn off, Lelouch told her not to mention the Shinjuku Ghetto, which made her very suspicious.

She decides that she is going to kill Lelouch should he know anything, and meets him in the Student Council room. But she ends up being recruited into the council by Milly and the others.

Kallen is best known for doing a shower scene in episode 3, an event that sets her to be the fanservice girl for the entire series. When she was taking a shower in the dorm, Lelouch brought her clothes. She decides right then and there to get some answers from him, and asks him to bring her pouch into her hand. From behind the curtain, she grabs his hand and asks him about Shinjuku. Lelouch plays dumb the whole time, until they get a phone call from Zero, but it was actually a recording. After the phone call, she stops suspecting Lelouch of being Zero.

Kallen is chosen to be in the Zero Squad due to her skill and loyalty. She is more than happy to accept the job, and when she is given the Guren MK-II, she becomes even more dedicated to the cause of the Black Knights. With this new Knightmare, she was able to best any skilled pilot in the battlefield, including Jeremiah and Cornelia.

Character Biography


She is very headstrong and is committed to accomplishing her goals. Her Knightmare pilotting skills are top-notch, and her reputation is undisputed amongst all the Black Knights. When the Guren SEITEN was developed, she was the only one who could rival Suzaku's skill on the battlefield.

Character Biography


She may be good at acting, but when it comes to emotions, she is a mess. Her feelings for Zero / Lelouch develop overtime, but she does not know how to act around him, causing a lot of ambiguity in her behavior. She also gets jealous about Lelouch's relationship with C.C., which is undefined, as well as when they keep secrets from her.

Because of her simpleminded and trusting nature, she is easily manipulated by others. This is shown when Diethard convinces her to kill Suzaku, as he might be an obstacle to the Black Knights. Kallen also has a bias against Britannians, which probably originated from her parents.


When the Black Knights betrayed Zero, she still believes in him, until he calls her a pawn, at which point, she betrayed Zero. She never forgave him until after his death, and that is when she realized what he was doing, to make himself the symbol of hatred, and sacrificing himself to expunge the hatred of the world unto him. Two months after Emperor Lelouch's death, Kallen is seen going to Ashford Academy as her true self, not the frail, weak girl, but with her preferred hairstyle, and wearing the Guren key around her neck.

The many faces of Kallen Kouzuki

Kallen in a towel

Kallen as a Bunny Girl

The Black Knights member

The Student

Kallen in a costume

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