Kaguya Sumeragi

The Teenage Prodigy

Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Mika Kanai
English: Stephanie Sheh

Character Profile

Age: 14 - Season 1
15 - Season 2
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation(s):Terrorist, Politician
Kyoto House - Sumeragi House
United Federation of Nations - Supreme Council Chairwoman
Black Knights - Officer
Eyes: Black
Skin tone:White

Known relatives: Suzaku Kururugi(cousin), Prime Minister Kururugi (uncle)

Character Biography

Kaguya is the 14 year old head mistress of the Kyoto House and supporter of the Black Knights. She is the cousin of Suzaku Kururugi and met Lelouch and Nunnally during their childhood at the Kururugi Shrine. Despite her age and physique she possesses a strong will and is highly influential amongst the Houses.

In the first season she is always hanging around Zero saying that he was her husband. During the black rebellion she escapes to the Chinese federation with a few others. But she believes the entire time that he would come back to save them, and during this time she became friends with Jiang Lihua the young Empress of the Chinese federation. In the second season she returns to Area 11 for a short time to be with Zero, but winds up going back to the Chinese federation with the rest of the Black Knights. When Zero purposes the U.F.N. she and Jiang become the Supreme Council Chairwomen.

When Lelouch becomes Emperor she and the other U.F.N. members are caught and held hostage as he fought against Schneizel. In the Avalon they are freed by Lloyd, Sayoko, Cecile, and Nina. She was later told that Zero was Lelouch by Oghi.

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