Andreas Darlton

Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Kiyoyuki Yanada
English: Travis Willingham

Character Profile

Nationality: Britannian
Occupation(s):unknown, Commander
Britannian Military - General
Hair:Light Brown
Eyes: Black
Skin tone:Tan

Knightmares Pilotted: Gloucester

Character Biography

Darlton is a general among the Britannian army who serves Cornelia. He is her second advisor behind Guilford. He has a diagonal scar stretching from his left eye to right check. Darlton cares for Cornelia's safety but respects and trusts her abilities above everything else. Darlton strives for results and does not care who they come from. Darlton is with Euphemia at the art Museum when she announces she has choices Suzaku as her knight. He is impressed with Suzaku’s abilities and quickly accepts Suzaku’s role of Euphemia’s knight. Darlton is also seen talking to Schneizel about the Toromo institution in Cambodia, Damocles was produced here in season two. Darlton meets with Kirihara Taizou, head of Kirihara sakuridite harvesting industry that had been secretly funding the Black Knights. He explained that after Zero's defeat he was to leave.

Darlton participated in the battle of Narita. His team was meant to assist Cornelia but was cut by the Black Knights Landslide. Darlton was watching over Euphemia when she established the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. After Euphemia falls under the control of Geass and the battle takes place, Darlton is injured and retreats inside the building. While inside, he runs in zero who places Geass on him to attack Cornelia during her fight with Zero in the Garden. After he disables Cornelia and is killed by the hadran cannon of Zeros Gawain. One of Darlton's five adopted sons is taken in by Zero's geass in season two as well.

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