Immortal Witch

Code Geass Character Profile

Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Yukana
English: Kate Higgins

Character Profile

Nationality: Chinese
Occupation(s):Terrorist, Knightmare Pilot
Geass Directorate - Leader
Black Knights -
Gray Witch -
Eyes: Yellow
Skin tone:Peach
Geass: To be loved

Knightmares Pilotted: Gawain (with Lelouch), Akatsuki (Pink Color), Lancelot (Pink Color)

Character Biography

C.C. is a mysterious green haired girl who looks like she is 16 or so. She is shot while saving Lelouch in the first episode, but while presumed dead, she was still able to give him the contract of the Geass. Many have called her a witchvbecause it is impossible for her to die. In certain flashbacks, she was seen burning at a stake, presumably done by villagers who thought she was an evil witch. She was orphaned at a young age and once a slave. After running away she was taken in by a nun with the 'code' who gave C.C. her geass. Since the geass gives the user what he/she desires, C.C. was given the power to be loved. When C.C.'s geass was more developed, the nun tricked her into killing her, and thus gaining the code for herself, which she did not want.

Not much is known about her in season 1, other than the fact that she is Lelouch's "accomplice." During the less serious parts of the show, she is the comedy relief, as is shown by her obsession of pizza. C.C. uses Lelouch's credit card to buy pizza from Pizza Hut, and she is even called Pizza-kun by Lelouch and Kallen.

C.C. gives Lelouch the geass and helps him out and even joins the Black Rebellion so that he can survive and fulfill his contract. She never reveals what the contract is, until season 2, where it is revealed that her goal in life is to die. She has been living too long, and this eternity is too much to bear. Thus, she is loyal to anyone whom she gives the geass to, who can fulfill that contract. She sticks with Lelouch until she runs into Charles, who already has the code and can take her life. For an unknown reason, C.C. ends up changing her mind and survives.

Character Biography

C.C (Prounced as C2 in English Version) is strange and mysterious green haired immortal girl who, when threatened to be killed by a Britannia Officer and his crew, gives Lelouch his Geass. She makes a "contact" with Lelouch as payment for him receiving his Geass, he must grant her greatest wish. She vanishes from the series for a while but comes back. She doesn't reveal the terms of the contract to Lelouch untill Lelouch attempts to kill his father in the episode in titled C's World. There she explains that her greatest wish is to be killed that only Lelouch can kill her. She also reveals her past to him; how she was a slave girl and at the age of ten she finds a nun who give her a Geass. C.C's Geass is the power to be loved, but C.C got tired of this power and the nun who gave her the Geass made her become immortal.

C.C is first seen in the very first episode of Code Geass, having attracted Britannia?s attention she was placed in a capsule for experimental reasons. Lelouch accidentally opens the capsule (which he believed to be poisonous gas at the time) showing everyone C.C for the very first time. She helps Lelouch on occasion so that he can complete their ?contact?. After her history is reveal to Lelouch she somehow loses her memory not remembering him or anything that had happened up to that point. She still thinks that she is a slave girl and that Lelouch is her new master.

C.C is not always the mysterious girl, she sometimes can become the comedy girl. With her love of pizza, C.C is occasional referred to as ?Pizza Girl? by Lelouch and Kallen. Her love of pizza helps keep the show not entirely serious and still a little funny.


C.C. knew both of Lelouch's parents and gave his mother Marianne her geass. She was originally going to help Charles, Marinna, and V.V. make the world a less violent place by killing the Gods, but changes her mind in the end. During the Zero Requiem, C.C. is seen praying in front of a Church, probably praying for Lelouch. She is last seen traveling the countryside, talking to a driver in a horse drawn carriage.

The many faces of C.C.

The Black Knights Member

The Student

The Cosplayer

The Prisoner

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