Bartley Asprius

The Un-important One

Code Geass Character Profile


Voice actor/actress info:
Japanese: Katsuhisa Hoki
English: Peter Spellos

Character Profile

Nationality: Britannian
Occupation(s):Military Officer, Commander
Britannian Military - General
Eyes: Black
Skin tone:Tan

Character Biography

Commanding Leader for the Code-R Research Team that was secretly being done by Clovis La Britannia, he is also a Britannian General. Bartley is a very loyal servant to Clovis which is obviously shown in his first appearance. In being Britannian he follows in racism towards Elevens...

After the assassination of Clovis, Bartley sends the Code-R Research Team to the Narita Mountains. Shortly after he is sent to prison and striped of his rank and then later released by Schneizel El Britannia. In dept to Schneizel, Bartly follows in his command as he did with Clovis. Some time later Bartley discovers the Thought Elevator that Charles Zi Britannia was so intrigued by. He reports his finding to Schneizel, Schneizel quickly got his co-worker Lloyd Asplund to use is new Knightmare's, The Gawain's, Druid System to decipher the Elevator. Although before it is finished Zero, Kallen, Euphemia, and Suzaku fall from the roof of the cave the Thought Elevator was in. Bartley tries to get them captured but Zero and Kallen escape with the newest Knightmare of its time, The Gawain, the first Knightmare to have a Flight Pack. Without its Druid System Bartley could not finish the research. then Schneizel has him watch over Jeremiah's change to a cyborg.


After V.V. recruits Jeremiah, Bartley is ordered by the Emperor to help finish Jeremiah's modifications, which he does not seem happy about. After completing his task, he expresses his desire to leave, knowing that the Emperor's plans could mean the end of the world. During the Black Knights' assault on the Geass Directorate stronghold, Bartley is killed in the attack. Before his demise, he sees C.C. and laments to the deceased Prince Clovis that they should never have captured her.

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