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Nightmare of Nunnally

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Nightmare of Nunnally Summary

With the death of Lelouch, Nunnally goes into freak out mode, but no one actually knows if Lelouch is dead or not. Milly covers up the fact that Lelouch is actually missing by telling everyone that he is studying abroad in Britannia While at school, Nunnally is always being picked on by Britannian nobility because the Ashford’s look after her, but she has a friend named Alice who always seems to save her.

Like in the show there is the Hotel hijacking and the welcome party for the freeloader Arthur, but this time there are two junior members of the student council, Alice and Nunnally. There is Cornelia but no Euphie. So it is Nunnally that is taken to the boss and Alice throne off the hotel, but lives. Welcome to the Geass order. NOW GO READ THE REST OF THE BOOK SO I DON’T SPOIL IT.

Summary written by Kouzuki Luna

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