Bokoku no Akito Episode 4 - Trailer Released



Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

In the year 2010 a.t.b. The Holy Empire of Britannia completed its takeover of , using its superior technology of the Knightmare Frames, a humanoid type of mecha while using a new type of tragaperras. Britannia renames , and forces all ese to become known as Elevens, in an effort to strip the ese of their culture and identity. Seven years later, a Britannian high school student named Lelouch Lamperouge is going down the highway in with his friend Rivalz when they become mixed up in a terrorist plot to steal a bomb containing deadly gas from Britannia. Lelouch and the bomb become separated from the terrorists only to meet with his childhood friend Suzaku Kururugi with whom he and his sister Nunally had escaped from Britannia to live in , but has now become an honorary Britannian soldier. The "poison gas" bomb opens and it is revealed to instead be a container for a live girl.

Suzaku is ordered by his commanding officer to shoot Lelouch, but when Suzaku refuses, he is shot instead. Lelouch is about to be killed when the girl suddenly gives him the power of Geass, which allows him to give absolute commands to anyone he wishes. Armed with this new power and his already brilliant intellect he directs the terrorists into victory against the Britannian troops which were sent against them, so that they can escape. Lelouch then assassinates his brother Clovis who was the Viceroy of , before donning a mask and taking up the second identity of Zero, who is a freedom fighter and renames the terrorists the Black Knights. Zero leads the Black Knights in a quest to bring down Britannia, both to get revenge on the Emperor who he hates, and to create a peaceful world where his sister Nunally can be happy.

(Developed by Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment)

Summary written by Pride



Code Geass R2

One year after his failed attack at the Decisive Battle of Tokyo, Lelouch has been brainwashed through the power of his father's Geass into forgetting about his actions as the freedom fighter Zero and his sister Nunnally. He now believes that a young boy named Rolo is his brother and has gone back to attending Ashford Academy as a normal student. But when he goes on one of his gambling trips with Rolo, he is captured by terrorists and C.C., the mysterious girl who gave him the Geass of being able to give absolute commands to anyone through direct eye contact. Lelouch regains his memory with the help of C.C. and manages to defeat the government forces that attempt to kill him.

Once again, Lelouch dons the mask of Zero in his battle against Britannia, and leads the Black Knights towards a united world where Nunnally can live happily. This time however he is being watched, by not only Rolo but also by his teacher who is actually Villeta, as well as Suzaku who is now an official Knight of the Rounds. (Developed by Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment).

Summary written by Pride




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